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In Memoriam
(posted August 8, 2017)

Joel A. Levitch

August 2, 2017

broadcasting executive

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Peter Yerkes

June 25, 2017


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Ross Canterbury

May 20, 2017


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Chick Westover

May 10, 2017

teacher and activist

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David C. Smith

April 27, 2017

lawyer, musician, publisher

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Update on Class Events
(posted September 6, 2017)

Train Excursion through the Canadian Rockies

Our next mini-reunion is being planned for July 2018 (see brochure). Explore the Canadian Rockies by train in the company of classmates, family, and friends to see the most spectacular scenery in North America.

We'll also spend time in Vancouver and Banff, at the beginning and end of the train ride. (more)

55th Reunion

Our next major reunion is our 55th, in 2019. Tony Lee and Jon McBride are co-chairs, and have begun initial planning.

Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Latest Class News
(posted February 7, 2017)

Thomas Lovejoy '64 wins Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Council for Science and the Environment.

Soren West '64 hikes the 2100-mile Appalachian Trail.

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Latest Publications
(posted October 8, 2017)

Stephen Greenblatt '64 discusses why a primitive tale of sex, death, taboo, temptation — and snakes — still fascinates and confounds. See a review.

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve
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Frank Hotchkiss '64, in his first book, writes about the high-pressure New York ad world and a CEO madly in love with a younger women.

Playing With Fire: A New York Novel
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Timothy Breen '64, in his latest book, introduces us to a George Washington we rarely meet.

George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a New Nation
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Latest Class Notes
(posted September 19, 2017)

November/December 2017

The Class of '64 Gateway is now a well-traveled path as Benjamin Franklin College has opened ...

John Evans, Robert Whitby, Chris Getman, and Pete Putzel will shortly communicate details of our 2018 mini-reunion in the Rockies ...

Jim Rogers predicts that gold is going to be explosive in the next few years ...

Members of Timothy Dwight should contribute to the TD artifacts project with photos, artifacts, or reminiscences ...

Pat Caviness had a false-positive cancer diagnosis in the Far East; his cancer has not returned ...

Jeff Frant is hiking the Appalachian trail ...

Dieter Brand found a Yale Class of '64 ring in the Scottish Highlands. Claimants? ...

Gerald Shea's new book is published and available from Amazon ...

Douglass Lea's Caribbean island was treated to a Biblical flood by Irma ...

Jim Duderstadt will talk in DC on how to combat current political trends impacting higher education ...

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