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In Memoriam
(posted March 13, 2017)

Joe Shuman

March 4, 2017


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Geoff Best

February 17, 2017


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Bob Reum

February 4, 2017

business executive

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Ed Benjamin

January 22, 2017

economist, diplomat, cabinet minister

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Angus Macbeth

January 22, 2017

environmental and
civil-rights attorney

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Sound Off!
(posted February 5, 2016)

Sound Off! has been kick-started to provide a forum for opinions on current campus issues.

A number of classmates have already commented on the campus turmoil: Jim Rogers, Charlie Payne, Phil Anderson, Howard Gillette, Stephen Passek, Neil Hoffmann, Waldo Johnston, Sam Francis, Tony Lavely, and David Turner.

Read a variety of source materials about the current campus unrest on this web page. Then read your classmates' opinions, develop your own thoughts, and let your classmates know what you think on Sound Off!

And, by the way, submissions are not limited to current campus issues.

Latest Class News
(posted February 7, 2017)

Thomas Lovejoy '64 wins Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Council for Science and the Environment.

Soren West '64 hikes the 2100-mile Appalachian Trail.

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Latest Publications
(posted December 3, 2016)

Frank Hotchkiss '64, in his first book, writes about the high-pressure New York ad world and a CEO madly in love with a younger women.

Playing With Fire: A New York Novel
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Timothy Breen '64, in his latest book, introduces us to a George Washington we rarely meet.

George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a New Nation
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Bob Lamson '64 tells of the amazing escape of a 19-year-old boy from the Armenian genocide of World War I. See a review.

On the Monster's Back: Heroism, Love, and Survival
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See Publications for more books by '64 authors.

Latest Class Notes
(posted March 23, 2017)

May/June 2017

Pat Caviness was the guest of honor at a luncheon of classmates in San Francisco ...

Len Baker attended Pete Putzel's New York luncheon and talked about the renaming of Calhoun College ...

Chris Getman is "passing Handsome Dan's leash" to six Yale captains ...

John Evans and Robert Whitby are organizing a Class mini-reunion by train through Seattle, Vancouver, and the Canadian Rockies ...

Jon McBride and Tony Lee were named by the Class Council as co-chairs of our 55th reunion ...

Bob Musil appeared in a PBS program about Rachel Carson ...

Tom Lovejoy was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Conference and Global Forum on Science ...

Gerry Shea's new book, The Language of Light: A History of Silent Voices, will soon be published ...

JIm Rogers posted "Forget China, buy Russia" ...

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