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50th Reunion Kaleidoscope of Passions

At our 50th reunion, under the guidance of Ed Massey, 15 classmates made a variety of brief, incisive presentations on passions they have pursued during their lifetimes, from the arts and personal journeys to issues they find to be provocative. Each of these talks was limited to six minutes.

The presentations were not recorded at the time, but below (in alphabetical order by surname) are videos which integrate each classmate's narration with the accompanying slides. Currently, there are videos of only nine of the fifteen. But it's a work in progress. To see the list of presentations for which we don't yet have videos, scroll to the bottom of this page.

The video graphics may be more legible when enlarged to full screen. To enlarge the video, click the "Full screen" icon visible at the lower-right corner when the video is playing.

David Brooks, "Falling in Love with God"

Sam Francis, "A Universe from Nothing"

Chris Getman, "Living with a Celebrity"

William Gould, "Peace in Our Time"

Bo Huhn, "Developmental Lessons for Grandchildren"

Don Leka, "Performing Anywhere, Anytime"

William Morse, "Why Music? Why Irish Music?"

Roy Regozin, "A Peace of My Mind"

Robert Whitby, "Six and a Half Summits"

Per Wickstrom, "Why I Paint"

The presentations for which we don't yet have videos are these:

  • "Passion for Giving Back" (Paul Balser)
  • "Sex in Cars" (Harvey Geiger)
  • "A Much Postponed Revisit" (Mike Mazer)
  • "In the Wake of My Ancestors" (Sam Low)
  • "Bow Hunting and Spiritual Connection" (Joe Wishcamper)
  • "Human Rights in Business" (Sheldon Leader)