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Annual Class Council meeting expands Class initiatives

The annual Class Council meeting was held in New Haven on Saturday, February 7, 2015.  Navigating the snow-filled streets of New Haven made parking even more of an adventure than usual.  Just ask Edward Massey!  Even with some last-minute scratches due to weather and illness, eighteen hearty members attended the meeting.

On the Friday night before the meeting, classmates gathered at Mory's for dinner.  We were joined by guests from Urban Resources Initiative (URI) and Squash Haven (more about these two organizations later).  After dinner, we navigated the icy streets and walkways to watch Yale Men's Hockey drub Harvard, 4-0.  Unfortunately, classmates who stayed for the hockey game and the basketball game on Saturday evening were not treated to victories.

The Class Council agenda was a full one and discussion was lively:

  • Treasurer's Report: Chip Brennan, our Class Treasurer, reported that after all Reunion bookkeeping was completed, our Class treasury has a sound surplus that will enable us to explore mini-reunions and other Class initiatives.

  • Alumni Fund: Ward Wickwire, our Class Head of Agents, reported that contributions by Classmates to the Alumni Fund are progressing ahead of last year and are on target to achieve our goals for participation and contributions.  Several residential-college agents positions are open.  Please contact Ward if you would like to volunteer.

  • AYA Assembly:  Larry Crutcher, our Class AYA Representative, gave a most informative report about the November 2014 Assembly, "The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Yale."  His report is posted on our Class Website and testifies to this emerging feature of today's Yale.

  • Honorary Classmates:  Coach Tony Reno was proposed as an honorary classmate, and the motion was unanimously ratified.  This is a very small and distinguished group that includes David Swensen and Jock Reynolds. Bob Buchanan will chair a small sub-committee to propose criteria for future honorary classmates.

  • Mini-Reunions:  A number of venues were proposed for mini-reunions: Atlanta (civil rights), New Haven (new residential colleges), New York City, Mississippi River (paddle wheel), Florida Intracoastal Waterway, Civil War battlefields.  Please contact Tony Lavely if you would like to assist with any of these venues/topics or if you have other ideas to offer.

  • Class Support Network: Modeled on a successful program launched by the Class of 1963 last year, the Council is exploring a program whereby classmates “may be able to offer not only a sympathetic and experienced ear, but also concrete and helpful suggestions” to classmates who are dealing with issues that are unfamiliar to them, either through personal or professional experience.  Don Edwards is leading this effort.

  • Class Contributions:  The Council unanimously authorized contributions to Urban Resources Initiative, Squash Haven, and Mory's Preservation Society for the current fiscal year.  These organizations all meet the criteria of strong association with Yale and beneficial involvement in the New Haven community.  Each of these is reported in more detail separately on our Website.

  • Liaison with Class of 1963:  Your Class Secretary, Tony Lavely, met with Guy Struve, the Class Secretary for the Class of 1963, to explore a closer collaborative relationship, especially on mini-reunions where attendance can make or break an undertaking.  There is enthusiasm for this among both Class Councils.

  • Urban Resources Initiative (URI) Report:  The Council enjoyed a most informative and enthusiastic report from Katie Beecham, the intern we sponsored last summer.  Her vivid and passionate report is posted here.  Both Chris Getman and Mike Price have been closely involved with URI and SF&ES over the years.

  • Squash Haven Report: Jon McBride introduced the Class Council to Squash Haven last year.  At the current meeting, the Council heard a very informative report from Julie Greenwood, its Executive Director.  After the meeting, we adjourned to Payne Whitney where we met eight of this year's Squash Haven high-school students.  This exciting program is reported here.

As this account hopefully conveys, there are many interesting and far-reaching initiatives underway for our Class.  There was so much enthusiasm coming out of our 50th Reunion that the sentiment to expand classmate connections was strong.  If any classmates would like to become involved with the Class Council on any of these initiatives, please contact Tony Lavely.  There will be interim meetings during the year, but the next annual Class Council meeting will be in February 2016.