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Annual Class Council meeting has full agenda

The annual Class Council meeting was held in New Haven on Saturday, February 6, 2016.  Nineteen members of the Council were in attendance, plus one classmate guest, Dave Plimpton, and two spouse guests.  There were four last-minute cancellations due to illness and weather difficulties for travel.

Class Survey

In making its decisions and developing new programs, the Council was guided by a class survey conducted in January.  In addition, the Council was updated on current Class statistics, including website visits.

Resolution for Ward Cates

A special resolution was offered by Terry Holcombe for Ward Cates, which was passed unanimously by the Council.  Note: Ward passed away five weeks later.

Treasurer’s Report

In absentia, Chip Brennan provided the annual Treasurer’s Report, which reflected Council-approved spending and a sound budget for 2016. 

Alumni Fund Report

Ward Wickwire reported on the progress of the Yale Alumni Fund.

AYA Delegate Report

In absentia, Larry Crutcher reported on the AYA Assembly of November 2015, “Yale and Public Health in the 21st Century.”  As reported separately, Larry is resigning from the Council and his role of AYA Delegate.  We thank him for his service to the Class in both roles.

Class Events and Mini-Reunions

The Council reviewed and approved plans for four upcoming Class gatherings:

Class Support Network

In absentia, Don Edwards reported that the Class Network announced in 2015 had enrolled 37 volunteers.  Though just in its early stages, six classmates have contacted network members (all on a confidential basis).  The Council reaffirmed its support for this program which reflects the character of the Class.

Urban Resources Institute (URI)

Our 2015 Summer Intern, Uma Bhandaram gave a highly informative presentation of her internship.  Both Chris Getman and Michael Price maintain liaison with URI. The Council increased Class support for the 2016 internship to $8,000, under the guidance and direction of Collen Murphy-Dunning at the School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences.

Squash Haven

Jon McBride introduced Julie Greenwood, the Executive Director of Squash Haven, to give an annual report. The Council was impressed to see that a new high in college matriculation had been achieved by this inner-city New Haven program.  Class support for the program was increased to $3,000, half of which matches contributions from classmates.

Mory’s Preservation

Terry Holcombe reported on this not-for-profit organization (not part of Mory’s restaurant operations) which preserves for future Yale classes both its historical building and its rich collection of memorabilia. The Council renewed Class support of $1,000 for 2016.

Class Council Membership

To replace Larry Crutcher, who resigned, David Plimpton was elected a Council member with his term ending in 2024.  Don Edwards was elected as the Class Delegate to the Association of Yale Alumni (to replace Larry Crutcher) for a three-year term.

Yale Student Panel

Five Yale students, all members of the Yale African-American Cultural Center, were invited by the Council to speak about their observations of campus life during the past year.  There was no advocacy on the part of the Council for different views of issues being debated on campus.  Nevertheless, many Council members expressed personal appreciation for the learning experience unfiltered by media reports.  In appreciation for attending, each student was given a copy of Howard Gillette’s book, Class Divide.

Other Council Activities

Over the course of the weekend, Council members dined at Mory’s and attended both men’s hockey games and men’s basketball games.  It should be noted that all Council expenses to attend the Council meeting (and for entertainment) are borne personally, including travel and lodging which for a number of members exceeds $1,000.