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Jim Duderstadt '64 writes the recent history of the University of Michigan

Jim Duderstadt emailed to our Class Secretary:

I'm writing a brief history of the University of Michigan during the years that Anne and I have been here. Although the book itself is still in draft form, I've attached the draft of the athletics chapter in case folks would like to read it. (Actually the first half is rather dry history. The last few pages are the part that gets me banned from entering Michigan Stadium … and the part that Terry Holcombe enjoyed.)

The University will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2017, which also will be our 50th year at Michigan. Hence Anne and I are authoring a “trilogy” of books … one on the events in the University, one covering our personal roles at Michigan, and the final one suggesting possible futures for the University as it enters its third century.

Two of these drafts, “For the Love of Michigan” and “The Third Century,” can be downloaded from our website.

The third, “Charting the Course,” containing the chapter on athletics, should be completed by late fall.

Actually, the website itself contains many of our other projects, along with several videos of life in the “Duderstadt Center” and Anne’s work on the history of the University of Michigan.