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Class of '64 Summer Fellowships for 2008

The Class of 1964 Summer Environmental Fellowship Program supports summer travel and fieldwork by Yale juniors and seniors who have an interest in the environment. The Class of 1964 Summer Fellowship Committee is co-chaired by Frank Basler and Michael Price.

In early April 2008, three Summer Fellows were chosen to receive, in total, $5000 to pursue their projects. These three Fellows, following the footsteps of our previous Fellows (2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004), are listed below, with links to their final reports from  their summer projects.

  • Andrew Klein of Saybrook and Coralville IA traveled to Uganda to study the production of biodiesel fuel from non-food crops, castor and Jatropha, by a private company there. Read his final report.
  • Kevin Currey of Saybrook College and Manhattan Beach CA conducted interviews in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to investigate whether the plan to drill there is in the common interest. Read his final report.
  • Elyse LeeVan of Ezra Stiles and Milwaukee WI conducted research in Buenos Aires and the surrounding area to understand better how to more efficiently reduce Chagras disease, a chronic wasting disease which afflicts many in Latin America. Her final report is pending.