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Chris Getman '64 and Handsome Dan at Yale commencement

In a Yale Alumni Magazine story about the May 2015 Yale commencement, the following photo and caption appeared prominently. Below the caption is a postscript by Alan McFarland '64.

[Caption from YAM] It's hard to imagine a Yale commencement without Sherman, better known as Handsome Dan XVII, and his human companion, Christopher Getman '64.

An Ode to Christopher (Baby Huey) Getman

by Alan McFarland '64

Your picture and acknowledgment with Sherman, a/k/a Handsome Dan XVII,  in the July/August issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine, marks for many of your now lifelong friends and roommates a superb moment.

Yes, our lives are marked by all and what we give. Thus speaks the report in this July/August report to Yale alumni. What you have given (and still give) is specially unique and revered by all. Those slightly more connected to you, including the Class of 1964 and some surviving roommates (and, one guesses, including all that Mory's was and has become for years ahead), can all take some personal collateral credit by our association with you.

Please know that immense congratulations should come your way, from all that is the good part of Yale. The Class of 1964 has a truly nationally-ranked, terminal sophomore, still standing in our old age as someone with a soul and life's work and marriage to be admired by anyone who has passed through New Haven, and given a life of promoting a greater good.