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Golf Outing in Bermuda

by Ted Jones

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The views were spectacular, the food unsurpassed, and the golf challenging as twelve ‘64s gathered (some with partners) in Bermuda from October 26th through November 1st. The superb idea for this outing was proposed and gestated by Tony Lee and Ed Trippe, whose re-development of the old Castle Harbour Club and golf course are magnificently nearing completion, reincarnated as the Tucker's Point Club.

The following classmates and partners answered the call:

Jim Baxter
John Evans
Sam Francis
Butch and Rebecca Hetherington
Jay and Kirk Huffard
Ted and Peggy Jones
Dave and Marcia Kalayjian
Tony Lee
Dave Lindsay
George and Reba O'Leary
Chuck Post and Heather Kingston
Ed and Bobbie Trippe

As the accommodations at Tucker's Point Club are not yet finished, most of the group stayed at the lovely Pink Beach Club, a wonderful facility very much in the British / Bermudian tradition, with lots of wood, antiques, and oriental rugs, directly adjacent to Tucker's Point and Mid Ocean, another targeted golf venue for the group.

Since weather seems to be a central theme of reports on '64 activities, I will dutifully witness that, for the most part, we had superb weather conditions for golf: sunny, mid- to high-70s, and moderate winds. The exceptions were two. The first was Tuesday, a day on which Sam Francis, with his long experience in chartering sailing excursions worldwide, and John Evans, in a brilliant addition to the week's activities, scheduled a sailing circumnavigation of the island, including snorkeling / scuba opportunities. Virtually everyone had signed on as "crew". Disappointment was universal when Tuesday dawned with gale-force winds, forcing cancellation. Attempts to reschedule for Thursday fell through when the Captain of the only available boat had a conflict with his "real" job.

While most of us holed up inside with a good book, two stalwart groups braved the out-of-doors with predictable consequences. Sam Francis and Tony Lee determined on a bicycle tour of the island, and Dave Lindsay, the Kalayjians, and Jim Baxter decided to preview the Belmont Hills course (scheduled for the entire group on Wednesday). The heavens opened with a vengeance in the late morning with all the adventurers at the furthest reaches of their planned geographies: sopping does not do descriptive justice.

The second weather-related issue was strong winds and wind shear in New York that prevented Ted and Peggy Jones from making connections, thus arriving late in Bermuda. Hence, in good '64 tradition, Ted's designation as your correspondent. All reports were that the opening dinner was nonpareil in both gustation and camaraderie as classmates gathered and began to re-establish old ties and make new ones.

The centerpiece of the outing, however, was golf, and fantastic golf on wonderful courses was the order of the day. The whole crew reconvened on Monday morning at Tucker's Point Club. Tony and Ed left the organization of foursomes informal, so classmates paired up as they arrived and got organized. A total of 15 golfers participated (as Rebecca, Reba, and Peggy preferred other activities: Rebecca was an inveterate walker, seemingly touring the entire island on foot, while Reba and Peggy seemed to prefer a good book on the verandah). Ed (with prior course knowledge) fired a fine 85 for the day's low (though Dave K. could also be considered a winner by dint of playing with three charming ladies), but everyone loved the course: rolling terrain with numerous elevated tees, wide fairways, twists and turns, and raised greens.

Dinner Monday evening was at the Pink Beach Club. The cuisine was superb and the discourse interesting and even stimulating. Two tables were the order of the day and at both, the laughter and pitch of the conversation was high. Ed and Jay (and wives), sad to say, were not able to attend as they had been called away on business.

Tuesday dawned gray and cloudy, as reported above, but dinner was a bright and lustrous affair at Fourways, deservedly reputed to be one of the top 3-4 restaurants in Bermuda. Again, our party was at two tables, with Rebecca chairing one, and anarchy reigning at the other. It should be noted that the average check at one table was substantially higher than the other. Some suggested that the finer wines selected by more discriminating palates were the cause, but more scurrilous types suggested that certain menu items consumed by one table had surreptitiously been added to the other table's bill. The effects of the fine wines prevented a more rigorous investigation of the matter.

On Wednesday, the ills of Tuesday were blown away by the prevailing winds, and twelve golfers trekked to Belmont Hills for a fine day of golf. The course was narrower, shorter, and tighter, calling for use of a broader selection of clubs. Again, the elevation changes made for fun and interesting shots and more of the spectacular views. Tony was the day's leader with an outstanding 81, and Dave Lindsay, notwithstanding his earlier tour of the course, distinguished himself by finding more bunkers than anyone. Jones found himself playing with two fraternity mates: Kalayjian and Evans. Dinner that evening was at Tom Moore's, another superb eatery. Among other topics, our table was entertained by Sam, relating tales of his experiences in the Navy and later chartering sailing cruises around the world.

Thursday had been left open, and the group scattered to various activities. Tony finally got a decent bike ride out to the Dockyard, accompanied by Chuck Post, while six golfers determined to challenge Tucker's Point again. It was a fun round on a fine day, and was capped by lunch at the Tucker's Point Beach Club, a lovely setting on the ocean with cool pink sand. After lunch everyone went wading. Dinner that evening was also scattered, with some staying at Pink Beach Club. Two other groups headed for highly recommended spots in Hamilton: the Hog Penny Pub, and the Barracuda Grill. Hog Penny is modeled on the 19th century English pub, while Barracuda Grill is very avant garde: Turned out they are directly next door to each other (and owned by the same outfit). Both groups pronounced their differing experiences to be outstanding.

Friday's agenda was the Mid Ocean Club. Ten golfers turned out for a wonderful golfing experience. The course was beautiful, in superb condition, and very difficult, having hosted a PGA event not two weeks earlier. The greens were quick and subtle. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and it was an outstanding cap to a terrific week of golf. Dave K. was low man with an 86, John was closest to the pin on #7, and Ted edged Tony for longest drive on #15. Sam replaced Dave Lindsay as Trap King. That evening's final dinner was back in the main lounge at Tucker's Point Club, which your correspondent can now say from personal experience is a great venue. The cocktails, canapés, dinner, and service were first rate, and the conversation animated throughout. Prizes were awarded, but most important and appropriately, Tony was honored and lauded for his remarkable effort in conceiving, planning, and executing this event. The evening ended, as fully fitting for a Yale gathering, with John and Dave K. leading the group in old Yale songs, ending with "Bright College Years."

Bermuda is a beautiful place to visit, but at the end of the day, the enjoyment is really the people with whom one shares the experience. In that regard, Bermuda on this occasion was without parallel. Join us next time!!

(see photos)