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Golf Outing, Spring 2008

Our annual Class of 1964 spring golf outing transpired on Friday, May 16, 2008 at the beautiful and renowned Yale Golf Course, voted #1 college golf course in America in 2007 and ranked #45 of the top 100 classical golf courses in America.

All were welcome but the weather limited the participation to 13 hardy souls. Below are Chris Getman's usual thoughtful reflections on the event.

The spring golf outing occurred in what was for us ideal weather conditions.
There were tornado warnings and the threat of 3 inches of rain, but as long as they'd let carts out on the course, thirteen classmates showed up. Wimping out were Trippe, "I understand that there might be some moisture on my windshield when I pull the car out of the garage?" Evans who had an emergency call to sandbag the floods in Iowa, Francis and Crabtree "New Jersey doesn't do thunderstorms" and Baxter who claimed he sprained his ankle putting on his socks.

Attending were Huffard, Truebner, Lee, Lindsay, Padley, Hoffmann, Wilson,
Putzel. Post, Wolf's Head (Capodilupo), Basler, Getman and Chris Philips (Penn State '64 and Ohio State 70 PhD), a sandbagger from Rhode Island and a guest of Getman.

It's important to note that with few exceptions it always rains on the day of the 1964 golf outing. So consistent is this that the Governor of Georgia called us last year during their draught and asked if we'd schedule an outing at Augusta, knowing it would bring much needed rain. Sadly our treasurer, Chip Brennan, was in Australia and was unavailable to authorize the reimbursement for the airport parking (first-class air fare, hotel accommodations and meals were included in the proposal) so the deal fell through. So be it.

So here we were at the Yale golf course with the threat of rain. We had a nice lunch together and because there we 13 of us divided into one foursome and three threesomes.

The foursome, Truebner, Putzel, Capodilupo and Post went first, followed by Wilson, Padley and Huffard, Lindsay, Hoffmann and Basler, with Philips, Lee and Getman unfortunately bringing up the rear.

The weather was quite cooperative given the fact that it was the 1964 golf outing. There were intermittent sprinkles; followed by clear skies, followed by gushing downpours, but the stalwart thirteen persisted.

When all was said and done, we met at Mory's to award the prizes and deal with the disclaimers and excuses which accompanied the results which required the two best balls per team including handicaps to count.

First, the foursome of Putzel, Post, Capodilupo, and Truebner reported that they had a 159 total. Wilson, Huffard and Padley all skipped out before dinner, probably wishing not to disclose their combined score. They were immediately disqualified. Wilson, looking like a drowned rat, announced that he was skipping Mory's and going home to a hot bath and a scotch. This was met with little sympathy.

The team of Basler, Hoffmann and Lindsay seemed reluctant to disclose their results, but did manage to redeem themselves at Mory's, wiping out the condiment tray and the basket of rolls. Their score still remains confidential.

So it boiled down to the foursome and the Lee, Philips, Getman threesome to claim the title. The foursome claimed they had shot a 159, but for some reason had forgotten their scorecard. If that weren't bad enough, they made a couple of other questionable assertions. First and foremost Capodilupo claimed to be a 17 handicap. When he drove the green on the first hole (the #3 handicap) some eyebrows were raised and a polygraph was requested.

The fact is that at Mory's the 159 scorecard was mysteriously missing, while the legitimate 183 was visible to all. This, by the way, included three unused mulligans which subtracted three strokes from the 183 net.

The foursome also claimed that Putzel had played the entire round with the same ball and that he had made a birdie. Those of us, who remember his $400 contribution to the Alumni Fund for $20 per lost ball, find this assertion suspect. That he got a birdie: do pigs fly? This entire submission reeks of sleaze.

However, as the last group to play, the Lee, Philips, Getman trio had a lot with which to contend. First, they were subject to playing out of the divot holes left by Truebner, many of which would accommodate only a sand wedge and thereby sacrifice distance, and they had to deal on three occasions where one of the groups in front had actually landed on the green and left an unrepaired ball mark which denied Lee his usual 40 foot gimmes.
Subtract another three strokes for the LPG trio.

Finally, it's important to note that there were some delegates that dropped out of the contest early and pledged their delegates. The CPTP foursome received Galvin's stated 12 handicap and his usual +20 result, while the LPG trio was endorsed by the Baxter +30 and usual +20 result. Evans and Trippe chose to pledge their delegates to the LHB and HWP trios respectively. New Jersey didn't matter nor will it ever.

So the net result was that, surprise, surprise the Lee, Philips Getman trio was once again the winner despite the fact that Lee claiming to be a 12 handicap with everyone was playing off of his ball recorded a tidy 102.

Can we market our Joe Blvitch talent?