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70th Birthday Party in London

September 19, 2012

Karl Ziegler reported on a luncheon recognizing the recent or impending 70th birthdays of available London-based members of the Class of 1964. Blaine Krickl and Nick Baskey suggested Queen's Club as a fitting place for such a contingent to celebrate their various pasts and recent life experiences. As a member of Queen's Club, Karl acted as organiser, whipper-in, host, and photographer.

It was a happy occasion, as many of the following photos indicate. Nick and Joslyn Baskey, Blaine and Jane Krickl, Sheldon Leader, Michael Nagel, and Karl Ziegler attended and compared notes on various subjects, including what they did during the war (Vietnam) and during various and fascinating former career paths.

The Baskeys were preparing for an imminent cruise trip in the Far East, while Sheldon was preparing to perform with a dance ensemble at Tate Modern that afternoon while being busier than ever in international business and human-rights law from his and Florence's Colchester base. Michael Nagel continues to do investment advisory work in London. Karl pursues wildlife photography in Africa and anti-corruption activities with Transparency International (UK) in London. The Krickls had celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this spring with a marvellous week's stay in Venice, sampling all the delights of that unique place, well characterized as La Serenissima. They also attended Marie Colvin's (Silliman '78) memorial service at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, in mid-May, a most moving occasion in honor of one of Yale's most outstanding graduates of the past decades. (see story)

The luncheon was memorialized by Karl's photographs below.

Nick Baskey, Blaine Krickl, Joslyn Baskey, Karl Ziegler, Jane Krickl, Sheldon Leader

Karl Ziegler
Sheldon Leader


Nick Baskey
Joslyn Baskey


Blaine Krickl
Michael Nagel


Nick Baskey and Jane Krickl

Blaine Krickl and Karl Ziegler