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Edward Massey '64 hosts a roommate reunion

Edward Massey reports ...

On February 27, 2016, Per Wickstrom and Elaine flew into JFK from Duluth, Pete Giblin flew in from London, Charlie Warner flew in from Columbus, Ohio, and Anne and I shuttled them back and forth to our house in Stamford. Pete Putzel and Anne joined us on Sunday. Jim Shanklin and Carolyn had previous plans in St. Croix, but sent a check to the wine fund and were there in spirit. Anne provided lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast, and the roommates focused on uninterrupted talk, well, interrupted by a couple of walks and a nap. Wives participated when they wanted which wasn't much. A great, if exhausting and intense, reunion.

Per Wickstrom, Charlie Warner, Pete Putzel,
Edward Massey, Pete Giblin