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Dan Northway rejoins the Class of 1964

Dan P. Northway has rejoined the Class of 1964. He entered Yale with our Class, but was changed to 1965 when he took a year off after sophomore year.  He has now opted to rejoin our Class.

Dan has kindly sent his 50th Reunion profile and personal essay for classmates to read, and these are reproduced below.

3531 SW Ashworth
Topeka, KS 66614-4586

Adult and Child Psychiatrist
2930 SW Wanamaker Drive, Suite 102
Topeka, KS 66614-4116

Email: northways@cox.net

Spouse: Kathryn S. Northway (Kathy), March 6, 1970
Spouse's Occupation: Retired teacher
Spouse's College: B.S., University Of Miami 1969
Spouse's Graduate School: M.A., U. Of Miami 1972; M.Ed., Washburn U. 1999

Children: Kara Jean, 1971 and 2nd daughter

Grandchildren: 3

After Yale I worked in medical research labs in New York City, then at the University of Miami, where I entered medical school in 1970. Psychiatric training followed at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, where Kathryn and I still live. We met at the university — in genetics lab! — and married when she was a graduate student in biology.

We have two daughters, now settled in their lives and marriages. Kara teaches Shakespeare at Kansas State University where she is an associate professor.

I entered Yale as a pre-theology student and left as a pre-med (you gotta love the 60s!). Ordination as a priest came in 1988, in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. I was the vicar of two small churches near the Nebraska border for twenty years. Having a pilot's license and a series of small planes made the travel easier, and, indeed, possible with my medical practice. Thank you Norwood R. Hanson!

Life is somewhat quieter now; I have a small psychiatric practice, adult and child. On Sundays I mostly sit in the pew and let the youngsters do the services. Kathryn has retired, and we have more time together now. We travel when possible. It's all good.

The poet says, "I am a part of all that I have met ..." This feels ever more true as the years go by. I am profoundly grateful for my time at Yale: for Brand Blanshard, Harold Bloom, Hans Frei, Alvin Novick, Benjamin Bouck, Phil Moriarity, Richard Clark Lewis, and William Sloan Coffin, among others. But, in particular, I want to express my gratitude to you, my classmates: thank you.