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Martin Padley weds Melissa

Martin Padley '64, to his astonishment and delight, reports that he was married to Melissa Clemence of Wellesley on December 1 at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. They got to know one another by serving on the board of the Wellesley Historical Society where Martin was president and Melissa treasurer.

Our class was represented at the wedding by Tony Lee and Mike Price. Other alumni attending included Scott Birney '50 and Rich Bowen '70, who succeeded Martin as president of the Yale Club of Boston.

Martin said "I understand that, as of 12/1/12, I was the oldest member of the class to get married, although it wouldn't surprise me if the record has since fallen. I should note that 2012 was also the year of my first hole in one, and I feel fairly confident that I am the oldest member of the class to get married and have a hole in one in the same year, which is a record that should stand for a good while and is one that Jim Rogers hasn't a prayer of beating."

Now that you've seen the picture, read the book.