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Ed Ranney '64 featured in Fraction Magazine

Fraction Magazine focuses primarily on emerging photography, and also "shows important and influential photography that the Fraction audience may not be aware of." Accordingly, the January 2012 issue was dedicated by the editor to "four seminal photographers who have certainly influenced [his] own photography."

One of the four seminal photographers is Ed Ranney '64, a Santa-Fe-based artist who is described by the editor as follows:

Edward Ranney has been traveling to Peru since the 1960's, photographing the ancient pre-Columbian sites. He published his photographs in the critically acclaimed Monuments of the Incas, in 1982. His work is included in collections such as MoMA in New York, The Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, the Princeton University Art Museum, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

View some of Ed Ranney's work at The Photo-eye Gallery, and order the book Monuments of the Incas on our Publications page.

Ed has also published in 2011 a book titled ARCHAEOLOGY and the shape of time, whose release was timed with a photographic exhibit in Santa Fe. See a brochure and see a PDF copy of the book.