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Coach Tony Reno (Honorary '64) uses mobile app for recruiting

Note the tie

Excerpted from a Sports Illustrated article titled "Technology in college football: How can mobile apps impact recruiting?"

Apps can serve as a compact newsletter of sorts. When Tony Reno got hired as Yale’s head coach in January 2012, he was looking “for a better way to market our brand.” Every signing class under Reno has been recruited with the help of a app by Bluechip Athletic Solutions, and it allows Yale alums to “keep current with what’s going on in our football family.”

Asked if he anticipated tech guru being part of a head coach’s requirements, Reno laughs. “I think, being a head coach, you learn about a lot of responsibilities you don’t initially think about,” Reno says. “Getting an app done, it was at the forefront when we got here. It was, ‘We need this now.’ ”