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1964 Class Council sees Squash Haven demonstration at Payne Whitney

At its annual meeting on February 7, your Class Council listened to a very informative presentation by Julie Greenwood, executive director of Squash Haven.  Afterwards, we went to Payne Whitney Gymnasium to meet eight high-school students who are participating in this year's Squash Haven program, and to watch a lively demonstration of four competitive matches. 

Classmates may recall from previous Class News articles and Class Notes that Squash Haven is an organization that our class supports with a modest annual contribution.  It was heartwarming to meet the young people who are benefiting from the work of this program.  As with the other organization that our Class supports (Urban Resources Initiative), Squash Haven combines four criteria that your Council deems worthy of support:

  1. A close affiliation with Yale
  2. A direct involvement in, and benefit to, the New Haven community
  3. Educational benefit for the young people who participate
  4. Direct board and advisory liaison with one or more of our Classmates

In the case of Squash Haven, Jon McBride keeps track of its activities.  Classmates are encouraged to consider Squash Haven for direct personal contributions.  Please contact Jon McBride if you are interested or have questions.

In a related topic, Jon defended his national ranking in the U.S. Squash Men's Hardball Singles National Championships at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford PA the weekend of February 28-March 1, 2015. He finished 4th in the Men's 70+ Flight. Jon encourages any classmates still playing hardball to participate in the hardball tournament circuit, primarily around the East Coast, from late October until late February each year. It's a fun, if dwindling, community, and "the young players today who only know softball just don't know what they are missing."