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Class Council hears about Squash Haven successes

[Squash Haven is a Yale-affiliated organization — supported by the Class of 1964 — that promotes squash participation and college aspirations among inner-city youth in New Haven.]

February 5, 2016

Jon McBride

Julie Greenwood, the Executive Director of Squash Haven, made a presentation to the Class Council that described success after success in the program.  Coaches in the program are volunteers from the Yale squash teams and make use of the squash facilities at Payne Whitney Gymnasium.  Julie’s full report may be read here.

Jon McBride, himself a Squash Master, has promoted this program tirelessly.

Not only did the high school participants win more than their share of regional tournaments, they also (and more importantly) were accepted at many colleges on their academic achievements.  As someone said, “Squash is just the vehicle. It’s all about academic discipline and motivation!”