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Class of '64 ties now include a bowtie option

By popular demand (though perhaps that's overstating it), Chris Getman has added a class bowtie to his extensive line of Class of 1964 neckwear. The bowtie is pictured at right, gracing the neck of the one classmate who provided the popular demand (Jim Rogers).

Like the neckties, which have been available since 2006, the bowtie's specific connection with our Class is that the "Y" has "VI" embedded at the upper left, "IV" at the upper right, and "XIX" at the bottom. This feature is described for the benefit of those of us who are hard of seeing. (That would be you.)

The reference in the preceding paragraph to "left," "right," and "bottom" assume that the tie is worn right side up. Jim Rogers, always the contrarian, has chosen to wear the tie upside down, a fashion statement which would not surprise those who know him.

Order your 1964 official class ties now. The ties come in three colors (dark blue, light blue, and red, depicted from top to bottom at right). The neckties are $50 each, including tax, shipping, and Getman's cut. Bowties go for $100, with the extra $50 funding the labor necessary to convert a necktie to a bowtie.

Please send your check (made out to the "Class of l964") and color choice to Chris Getman, 31 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT 06510.