Yale University

Class Notes

February 1996

by Dennis Lynch

I am happy to report that our classmates are clearly not narcissistic. At least half of their correspondence discusses family. Kent Saltonstall's daughter Kristin will receive her master's degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies this May. Currently living in Edmonds, Washington, Kent is phasing out of his practice in orthopedic surgery and into teaching muscular-skeletal patient care to non-surgeons.

John Witherspoon is just back from Bosnia, having served as a medical officer there. A “sad situation,” he observes. Both his son and daughter decided against Yale. The former “entered Harley Davidson motorcycle service school and thinks he can make a living when he gets out.” The latter opted for Stanford, “where the weather is better.”

George O'Leary's daughter Heather ’94 graduated from Yale summa cum laude (a chip off the old block), majoring in art history. She married Andy McStay ’94 this past summer and both are pursuing graduate studies at Columbia University.

Wedding bells rang two years ago for Donald Edward's son David ’93. David married Diana Montgomery ’93 in Carmel, California. “It was an all-blue affair, with Whiffenpoofs of ’93 . . . singing in the wedding and at dinner afterward.”

John Evans visited with his son John III ’99 during Parents' Weekend last fall. He comments that “The undergraduates are all bright, enthusiastic, and energetic . . . and the music and singing is still of the highest quality, even if the football team can't fill the Bowl.” On a more ominous note. he observes, “Union protesters were out in force. Negotiating to avoid a strike while maintaining a future for Yale will be a real challenge for the administration.”

Ed Gaffney's son Sean graduated from Catholic University and “is currently making the rounds seeking acting work in New York. . . . Wife Susy expects to finish a BS in religious education at Defiance College this year (1995).” Ed has been working for GRE Incorporated since December 1992. Last August Ed's patent for a piezoluminescent sensor was granted. (I don't know what it is either.) The following month, “I began work on an Air Force contract to develop imaging pressure distribution in turbo machinery.” In October he started work on a second Air Force contract. After three very difficult years, things seem to be going much better for Ed.

Bob Whitby was recently appointed president of Proudfoot Management Consultants, “a 50-year-old worldwide firm providing 'business improvement' consulting services to large manufacturing, financial-services, and utility companies throughout the world.” Bob's only complaint is “too much travel for this time in my life, but no good alternatives.”

Paul Balser has left Lazard Freres to establish a new private equity fund called Generation Partners. The fund will invest in leveraged buyouts and venture capital transactions. There is life after Lazard!

Unfortunately, Geoff Best suffered a stroke two months ago, and while his right side is largely paralyzed, he has been undergoing extensive therapy, reports Sam Francis. He has started the painstaking journey of recovery. The sobering aspect of Geoff's misfortune is that he was in terrific physical condition and had no family history to suggest that he had any potential problem. Our prayers go with him and his wife Suzanne in this most difficult period.

On a much cheerier note, Jon Auerbach announced that he was “reclaiming the title of youngest child of a class member, with the birth of Alexander Luce Auerbach (call me Sacha) on August 29, 1995.” Maybe we have a candidate for the Class of ’16!