Yale University

Class Notes

March 1996

by Dennis Lynch

After 26 years of working for others in investor relations, Bill Galvin now has his own business representing a variety of clients. All these efforts have funded four private-school educations and three college “tours” for sons Will, Ryan, and Tim, as well as daughter, Joanna. Bill keeps in touch with Steven Dana (father of a new son, 2 years old) at Invesco in Atlanta, Harvey Berenson, a lawyer who is a tax specialist in bankruptcies (comment: truly a growth business) in New York City, and Al Swanke, who is prospering “doing venture deals in the insurance business.”

Sam Low writes that he “has taken most of 1995 as a sabbatical from his film business to explore where he is in life — and where he may be going.” A not-uncommon theme. Last July, Bob Kuehn and Joe Wishcamper visited with Sam on Martha's Vineyard for some fishing. Sam continues: “Kuehn is busy receiving accolades for his development projects . . . ” and “Wishcamper has turned into an avid fly fisherman and bow hunter.”

Brice Voran was named a managing partner of the Toronto office of Shearman & Sterling. He is doing cross-border financings as well as merger and acquisition projects. Additionally, he is “finding living in Toronto a very pleasant experience.” His new address is 5 Pine Forest Road, North York, Ontario M4N 3E6, Canada; phone number: (H) 416/322-7636, (W) 416/360-2975.

Ward Wickwire and his wife Tracy took their biannual trip to New Haven for the Harvard/Yale game last fall. Afterward, Toddie and Chris Getman hosted a dinner at the New Haven Lawn Club. In attendance were George Humphrey, Jim Rogers, Strachan Donnelly, Terry Holcombe, Jon McBride, and yours truly. Ward heartily recommends the event to all members of our class.

Dan Lowenstein reports, “My older son, Aaron, is a sophomore at Wesleyan. Nathan, his brother, is a high-school senior. Sharon, my wife, continues to run a kindergarten enrichment program.” In addition, Don's textbook Election Law was published on September 1, 1995, by Carolina Academic Press, and he opines that “all 1964 class members will want to rush to acquire a copy! (Not.)” It's nice to have such a realistic classmate with a true sense of humor.

“A very long-overdue note to you and many Yale classmates on the present status of the DeSilveys.” So begins correspondence from Dennis DeSilvey. Dennis and his wife Kathleen moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, a few years ago and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. He has made a career change and is presently on the faculty of the University of Virginia Medical School in the cardiovascular dispersion department. In addition, he is a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve and has just been selected for brigadier general. “Our three children, all grown, are wonderful. Our son Ethan is living at home and trying to decide what to do that will keep him outside and free.” The latter is a recurring theme for many children of our classmates. “If anyone is traveling through, please call; the door is always open.” His new address is 410 Altamont Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22902; phone 804/295-8825.

Another physician, Jim Klint, writes that he is “still practicing medicine at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, although the managed-care environment makes this more hectic and less enjoyable. I am in my 17th year as the team physician for the San Francisco ’49ers — five Super Bowl rings and who knows what January may bring?” Apparently, not a sixth.

Bob Stilson is particularly proud of his daughter Laura, who graduated from Bucknell last year. She won the Eleanor D. Decker prize for women, which is presented to the two women who “embody to the greatest degree, the highest qualities of cultured Christian womanhood and the promise of a high degree of usefulness to society.” Son David is currently a freshman at the University of Delaware.

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