Yale University

Class Notes

May 1998

by Dennis Lynch

Joe Lieberman has once again distinguished himself from many of his colleagues in the U.S. Senate. In a March 12, 1998, Wall Street Journal Op-Ed commentary, Albert R. Hunt praised Joe for his comprehensive 19,000-word analysis of campaign abuses. According to Mr. Hunt, “Unlike the divisive majority and minority reports of the Committee, which regrettably became a partisan battleground, Sen. Lieberman agrees that both sides skirted the intent of the law in 1996.” Joe's evenhandedness has always been one of his most admirable traits.

The following communique came from Bill Lear as a result of my February class notes commentary on prostate cancer. Bill is currently CFO of BioSafe Medical Technologies. He reports that his company, which was featured on Fox News, “has devised an inexpensive and user-friendly at-home system to determine one's PSA. This test is a major indicator for identifying cancer in one's prostate. BioSafe is the first company in the world to offer men over 40 a way to find out whether a possible problem exists, without having to visit a doctor's office.” Any classmate who would like more information should call Bill at (312)922-8703.

Syd Lea is at it again! He has just published his umpteenth book, A Place in Mind. According to Chris Getman, “It's a compelling story about flyfishing. I recommend it.” Speaking of Chris, he is actively planning our 35th Reunion program (May 29-June 1, 1999). A member of the reunion committee will be calling each of you about attending our celebration. Hopefully, many of you will come.

Blaine Krickl forwarded a lengthy news update from the UK. In Blaine's words, “Despite having failed in my undertaking to report news of our luncheon gathering in December 1996, I was once again nominated to send word of UK-based members of our class gathering in London to exchange news and enjoy good company and conversation. We assembled at Drone's restaurant in Belgravia at the behest of Nick von Baillou on Saturday, December 13. Those who answered the call to meet were Messrs. Baskey, Krickl, Kridel, Leader, Sherman, von Baillou, and Ziegler. Karl took photos of the motley assembly before leaving for his regular tennis game at Queen's Club. Despite the infrequency of the get-togethers, there is a strong sense of camaraderie among us, generated not only by the geographic imperative of living in the UK but also the sheer enjoyment of one another's company and pursuits. There was even an undertaking to share e-mail addresses among the group, since several of us move around extensively. In fact, Nick von Baillou is presently sharing his time between his Boca Raton and London residences, traveling to Europe and North and South America on a regular basis. To close the loop on the 1996 edition of the luncheon, organized by Bill Kridel, we had the additional, unexpected pleasure of Nick Danforth's company. He was passing through London on his way home from a tour of South Africa and had made contact in time to be included in the festivities.”

Also reporting from abroad (Firenze, Italy), Francis Snyder PhD pens the following: “My current research concerns the resolution of trade disputes between the European Union and China. I was recently awarded a Robert Schuman Professorship (one of three awarded in 1998), which will enable me to spend a month at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Last year I spent a month in China, first as a distinguished visitor at the University of Hong Kong, and then as visiting professor of law at Peking University.”

Regretfully, I report the death of Joseph F. Hickey. He died on September 16, 1997, and is survived by his wife, Katherine Hoy Hickey, and his four children.