Yale University

Class Notes

October 1998

by Dennis Lynch

Michael Price sent me a very personal, densely worded, one-page epistle about the most interesting changes and events of his recent life. "I'm sitting in MPG, the art gallery which I just opened in Boston," he writes. "... I have had the idea of having a gallery for 20 years but other things, like practicing law, got in the way. I was back at Yale last year (1997) for my daughter Rachel's graduation. Rachel graduated summa cum laude with dual majors in literature and anthropology. She is working in Colombia, South America, promoting economic development and human rights for indigenous (Indian) people. ... The same day she graduated, my son Seth graduated from Brown, necessitating splitting the weekend. The video he made for his senior project has been accepted for the New York Video Festival and ... [was shown in Lincoln Center this past July]. ... My youngest child ... is 20 months old. Her mother is a Peruvian woman now living in Boston whom I have been seeing for several years ― since soon after my separation from my now ex-wife. Divorce is one of the few changes recently which I do not look upon as positive. I had another surprise regarding my children: three years ago I learned I had a 31-year-old Ethiopian daughter from my time there in the Peace Corps. She is now living in Atlanta where I have visited her and she has come to Boston to visit me. I feel very lucky to be father to such a warm and wonderful person. After the initial shock, it has made my life richer. We are in close touch." (P.S. Both Boardy Lloyd and Jeremy Wood attended the opening exhibition of MPG last spring.)

Terry Ferguson is one proud papa. His son Andrew graduated from Yale last spring. Andrew is a fourth-generation Yalie, having been preceded by his dad, his grandfather James F. Ferguson Jr. '36, and the late James F. Ferguson '06. Andy is attending Tulane Medical School. While at Yale, Andy played on the varsity soccer team and received the Jack Marshall award for "team spirit, loyalty, and dedication to the game." Terry also says, " ... Count us in for the 35th Reunion."

Awards and Advancements: Senator Joe Lieberman was awarded the honorary degree, doctor of humane letters, at the Albertus Magnus College commencement exercises held May 17, 1998, in New Haven. The board of trustees of Reed College elected Randy Labbe as its secretary on April 18, 1998.

Charles Freeman succeeded Senator George McGovern as president of the Middle East Policy Council last December. Chas is also chairman of the board of Projects International, Inc., co-chair of the United States China Policy Foundation, a trustee of the Institute for Defence Analyses, and a member of the international advisory board of Fleishman-Hillar, Inc. Phew! How does he manage the time?!

Necrology: The Wisconsin State Journal reported the following obituary on April 25, 1998: "Willard Arthur Kapke died unexpectedly on Wednesday, April 22, 1998, at his home. ... Will was married July 30, 1966, in Vermillion, South Dakota, to Dorothy Jones Dancker, when both were employed by the University of South Dakota, working with anti-poverty programs on Indian reservations in a 16-state area including Wisconsin. ... He worked for the state of Wisconsin in the Department of Transportation." Will is survived by his wife Dorothy, a daughter Cynthia, a son Damon, and a brother, John. Our condolences to the Kapke family.

Reminder: Our 35th Class Reunion will be held June 3-6, 1999! Come one, come all! In addition to the previously announced acceptances, the following are going to "do their damnedest" to be in attendance at our gala: Ed Arens, Harry Evans, John Fremsted, Charlie Griffin, Sheldon Leader, Travis Meredith, Willie Myers, Steve Norman, John Ralston, Eric Eoglon, John Heintz, and Stew Sharp.

Periodically, each of us receives color brochures advertising intriguing cruises and trips to exotic places sponsored by the Association of Yale Alumni as part of their educational programs. Len Baker's wife Mary Anne wrote a glowing review of their trip to Burgundy and Provence. Mary Anne writes, "We'd forgotten how much fun a Yale group can be, and this was a great chance to meet some terrific new friends. Professor Porter was a delight." I have received many great comments about these experiences.