Yale University

Class Notes

May 1999

by Dennis Lynch

A February 21, 1999 article in the Boston Sunday Globe's real estate section highlighted the Allen House in the south end of Boston as its "Home of the Week." Built in 1859, the Allen House was abandoned in 1953, becoming a neighborhood eyesore. Enter Jeremy Wood! He writes, "We literally snatched this structure from the wrecker's ball and restored as much as possible.... I'm sure our Victorian forebears are smiling down on us appreciably." The Allen House was Jeremy's last project at Domenech, Hicks & Krockmalnic Architects. He is now working at Ecklus/Manfredi on a new Hilton Hotel for Providence, Rhode Island.

Senator Joe Lieberman has committed to writing a book titled Public Life, which will discuss his views on the meaning of public life and the responsibilities of public service. The book is scheduled to be released within the year. After the past year of "Monicagate," Joe's book should be a timely topic.

Jonathan Leader and Chuck Mokriski oversee family scholarship programs which help finance the education of Yale undergraduates. These special aid endowments are wonderful ways to subsidize outstanding students. Perhaps some of you should consider funding such a program.

Our 35th Reunion is rapidly approaching. It is scheduled for Thursday, June 3 through Sunday, June 6. Chris Getman and his committee have arranged a most interesting four-day program. You can participate in any or all of the scheduled activities. But time is running short. If you haven't signed up, please do so immediately. We'd love to see you there.