Yale University

Class Notes

Summer 1999

by Dennis Lynch

Spectacular!! If one wanted to pick a weekend for a reunion, June 3 - 6, 1999, would be the quintessential experience. Two hundred classmates, a 35th Reunion record, returned for this year's festivities. Uncharacteristically, New Haven was blessed with San Diego-like weather: 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Davenport College provided a home base from which we visited magnificently restored buildings to hear interesting lectures, musical performances, and panel discussions. Other opportunities included golfing at Yale's highly rated golf course, swimming in the newly restored Payne Whitney, and playing tennis at the impressive Connecticut Tennis Center. It is impossible to adequately describe how much has been accomplished in restoring Yale's physical plant.

Chris Getman and his reunion committee produced a wonderful weekend of entertainment and program options. Gail Sheehy, author of Understanding Men's Passages, was the keynote speaker for the event. At a time when most of us are undergoing significant changes in our physical, professional, and personal lives, Ms. Sheehy's comments were both timely and perceptive. Class enthusiasm was perhaps best expressed at the Friday night dance held in the Davenport Courtyard. B.B. Hines and the Blue Mooners played "oldies" from the '50s and '60s for Elis, spouses, and significant others who crowded onto the dance floor and performed with great gusto. In addition, several classmates trekked great distances in order to participate: Peter Giblin from England, Mike Austin from Saudi Arabia, Pat Caviness from Hong Kong, Wendell Mottley from Trinidad, and Marty Gerstel with his wife Shoshanna and baby Gil from Israel. At the Friday night class dinner Chris Getman presented class awards for outstanding service to Terry Holcombe, Jay Huffard, and Dennis Lynch.

Not only did we set an attendance record but also our class established a new benchmark of $7 million-plus for a 35th Reunion gift, surpassing the previous high of $6.4 million given by the Class of '59 and also surpassing our goal of $6.5 million. Thanks to the efforts of Len Baker, Terry Holcombe, and our entire gift committee, we extended our streak of record reunion giving to seven. During the past 35 years we have given Yale over $17 million!! I wish to thank all of you for your tremendous generosity.

This is my last official communiqué as class secretary. Somehow my five-year term has flown by. Within this time frame I have written 45 editions of the monthly class notes (the Yale Alumni Magazine is not published during the three summer months). I will miss your individual updates and comments. However, I will not miss reporting obituaries and meeting monthly deadlines. The latter sometimes evoke memories of overdue term papers. Unfortunately, there are no extensions for the Yale Alumni Magazine. Tony Lee (e-mail address: anthonydlee@me.com) will be our new class scribe. I am confident that he and Chip Brennan, our new class treasurer, will provide us with outstanding leadership for the next five years. It has been a great honor to serve you. Have a healthy and happy summer.

P.S. If you have any interest in buying reunion polo shirts, contact Chris Getrnan at fax 203/789-2492 or e-mail chris@fairfieldbush.com.

Those who attended (*guest): Ainsworth, Ailing*, A. Anderson, C.D. Anderson, P. Anderson*, Auerbach, Austin*, Ayre, Baker*, Baiser*, Barker*, Barkley*, Barnard *, Barton*, Basler*, Baxter*, Becroft, Berenson*, Best, Bissinger, Bowers*, Brennan*, Brown, Browne*, Buchanan*, Bulkeley, Burgweger, Burrows, Cable*, Campbell, Canterbury*, Capodilupo*, Cates*, Cavanagh*, Caviness*, R. Clay, S. Clay, Cochran, Cohen, Combe, Connelly*, Cooper, Crabtree*, Crane*, Currie, Damour*, Danforth, Deford*, Delman*, Deloria*, Demario, Doane*, Donnelley*, Drennen, Edwards*, Elting*, H. Evans, J. Evans*, Feinstein*, Felshin, Flannelly*, Fioman*, Fossel*, Francis*, Frankiin*, Frant, Furer, Gaffga*, Galvin*, Gelfand*, Gerstel*, Getman*, Giblin*, Gill*, Gillespie, Grant*, Hallenbeck, Hannah, Hanold*, Heintz, Henderson*, Hetherington, Heyke, Heyworth, Hilgendorf*, Holcombe, Horgan*, Hornbruch, L. Howe, R. Howe*, Howells, Howson, Hubbard*, Huffard*, Huffman, Huggins*, Humphrey*, Hunsaker*, Igoe, Jacobs*, C. Johnston*, W. Johnston*, Judson*, Kaiser, Kearney*, Kerr, Kleinberg, Klingelhofer*, Klint*, Knutson, Kridel*, Kroon*, and Kuehnle*.

Also: Lassen, Lauritzen*, Lavely, Leader*, Lear*, Lee*, Lee*, Leka*, Levendis*, J.I. Lieberman*, J.K. Lieberman*, Lindsay, Lochner*, Lynch*, Madden, Mandel*, Manuel*, Martinez*, Massey, McAlenney*, McBride*, McFarland*, McGaughey, McKleroy, Mitchell*, Moeller, Mokriski, Morehead*, Morrison*, Morse, Mottley*, Mueller, Musil*, Myers*, Nagel, Norman*, Norris*, Norton*, Ogilvie*, Padley, Park, Pasco*, Patterson*, Paul, Peck*, Perry*, Peterson*, Plimpton*, Pollack*, Post*, I.E. Price*, M. Price*, Pulaski, Putzel*, Reagin, Rossiter*, Rowe, Ruden, Ryan*, Salomon*, Scheidt*, Schmidt*, Schulz, Schumacher, Scibilia, Secor*, Shanklin*, Sharp, Shaw*, Shea, Sheckleton*, Sherwood, Short, Sigal*, L. Smith, T. Smith*, Speth*, Stilson, Stygar, Sunshine*, Susman, Swanke*, Swanson*, Swendsen*, Taylor*, Thompson*, Trowbridge, Truebner*, Tully*, Turchik, Turner*, Van Doren*, Van Loan, Vollertsen*, von Baillou, Wagner*, Walsh*, Warner*, Webster*, West*, Whitby*, Whitney*, Wickstrom*, Wickwire*, Wilbur, Wilson*, Wishcamper*, Witherspoon, Woglom*, and Wood.