Yale University

Class Notes

November 1999

by Tony Lee

Wayne Batcheler sends his apologies to all classmates for not attending the Reunion but he had received a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a 44 foot sloop with 5 other people. The trip took 6 weeks from Rye, New York to Scotland with a six-day stop in Newfoundland. Wayne is a sole-practitioner lawyer in New York with a lot of loyal clients who were willing to postpone their deaths, lawsuits, and other major crises until Wayne returned.

Hugh Straley was unable to make the Reunion, but he sends a report from Seattle that life is great, just hectic. He is the Associate Medical Director for Group Health Cooperative and fighting battles of trying to do more with less and keep docs and patients happy. His wife, Linda, is teaching and counseling in college. Son Nick is an attorney with legal services in Seattle, and other son Ben just started Kellogg B School at Northwestern. Bob Lamson is currently running another startup company to manufacture a kitchen-information appliance which has had a lot of interest from big appliance companies. This may be bigger than the Juiceman which he developed and sold. Bobby Sexton came out to Seattle for a brief visit. He is currently running the Pritchard Commission for educational reform in Kentucky.

Ward Wickwire has graciously agreed to serve as our Chairman of Alumni Fund Agents. Ward and Tracy were in Camden, Maine this summer and got reunited with a small group of classmates they saw at the 35th. Todd Mueller has a summer mooring for his boat in Camden where he has rented an apartment for 4 years. He hosted Ward, Tracy and their son Ted (Yale Forestry School) for a sail and a dinner overlooking Camden harbor. In the winter, Todd indulges himself in another passion, skiing, and moves up to his home in Sugarloaf. Mac Deford has retired to Spruce Head, about 45 minutes from Camden. Ward and Tracy played golf with Mac and enjoyed a barbecue at his home on the ocean with Laura and Tobe Kent, and Fielding Secor. Church Carey, who also has a home in Spruce Head, couldn't be there — he was too involved in volunteer work in Puerto Rico. Seems like there's a concentration of '64 in the Camden-Spruce Head area.

The Washington Business Journal published a two-page article on Bob Buchanan and his company's purchase of a flight-training facility near Dulles Airport. The facility will be used to provide 24 hour-a-day training of regional air carrier pilots. Over the past 20 years Buchanan Partners has developed more than 5,000 acres of land and 1.5 million square feet of office space. They are currently participating in developing the 280-acre Loudon Tech Center in Dulles. At the Reunion, Bob apologized for not being very active in Yale functions through the years. I think we know why.

Stephen Delman and his family recently moved from Roosevelt Island in Manhattan to Princeton Junction, NJ. They love being in Princeton, and he admits to cheering enthusiastically, but quietly, for Yale sports teams in Tigertown. Steve has a specialized corporate law practice in New York, and is President of a former apparel company in liquidation. His wife Susan is a senior partner at Ogilvy One Worldwide in New York. While the two oldest children are launched in San Francisco and Boston, their attention is focused on their 12 year old son — a Yale or Princeton hopeful.

Oluwole Odundun wrote to say he was on sabbatical from his university in Nigeria and was teaching physics at the National University in Lesotho. He enjoyed visiting the City of Gold (Johannesburg) for the first time.

Peter Truebner is hosting a Yale hockey evening this winter. We'll post the date, unworthy opponent, and arrangements on the class website, and do a local mailing when plans have firmed up.

Two wedding announcements crossed my desk. Ed Trippe's son, Stett, was married in Bermuda to Stacey Smith in June. Ed and his wife live in Greenwich, Conn. and he's the president of Bermuda Properties Ltd, a resort development company. Sue and Tim Damour's daughter, Lisa, was married in July to Darren Keefe.

The Mayor of New Haven, John DeStefano, wrote a terrific letter to the Hartford Courant entitled "New Haven Welcomes Yale Expansion." If you want a copy, contact me and I'll email it to you.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. This holiday is becoming Margie's and my favorite. Just a simple gathering of family and expression of gratitude.