Yale University

Class Notes

November 2000

by Tony Lee

"Is this a great country or what?" Joe Lieberman asked in his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in August. By the time you read this, the elections will be over and Joe's next four years will be determined. Every classmate I've talked with, whether he's a Dem or Rep, has been thrilled for Joe and Hadassah. I think we all feel a collective sense of pride in having one of our own doing so well. It's affirming to see an ethical, hardworking public servant reach this level in American politics. We wish you the best, Joe.

"Is this a great class or what?" we might ask ourselves. We may be beyond our prime in some arenas but that doesn't dampen our ambition. To wit, classmate Toby Hubbard. I witnessed Toby at the Walpole, MA 10 K race on Labor Day, finishing uncharacteristically back in the pack. He explained he had sore ribs and breathing deeply hurt. He had played a rugby game 2 days before and got creamed tackling a 235-pound 30-year-old back. With a wry grin he crowed that he did bring the back down quickly with the classic two arms wrapped around the knees, and that his team won. Now, I ask you, if you're 58 years old and play rugby, should you expect to be competitive in a road race 2 days later? Only in the class of '64!

Many of us are facing the big six oh milestone in the next year or so. Some who had "teen difficulties or other interests" have already turned 60. I've heard rumors from several classmates about big plans, including a solo sail across the Atlantic, going rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon, running a marathon and traveling in exotic lands. I hope this will be an event to celebrate and that you will want to share your wisdom, thoughts, plans or a report of the event with the class. There will be a section on our Web site devoted to this occasion. Prose, poetry and photos are welcome.

The New York Times ran a recent article on "Drexel Alumni Move Onward." John Kissick was mentioned as a senior partner at Apollo Management in Century City, CA. John was the man who took over as head of the junk-bond department at Drexel after Mike Milken left.

Jim Hart writes from Colorado Springs that he has retired after 30 years of teaching and has started a real estate career. He sings in the church choir and volunteers at two local middle schools. Barbara volunteers at the local museum, and the two have enjoyed traveling and being grandparents.

Our class has several activities scheduled for the upcoming year. Nick Danforth and Jeremy Wood are hosting a cocktail party at Nick's house in Weston, MA on Friday, November 17. This is the night before the Harvard football game, and all classmates are invited. Our annual winter dinner and hockey game will be Saturday, February 10 against Cornell. We plan to have a class council meeting and an event at the Forestry School before dinner. On May 4 to 6 we will have our first mini-reunion in Washington, DC, hosted by John Morrison, Make Mazer, and Jon McBride. They have already booked an excellent hotel, arranged for interesting tours, and will hopefully arrange for some private meetings with prominent classmates in the area. Mini-reunions are very popular with post-35th reunion classes, and we hope to have one every year. We will also have our second annual golf outing at the Yale Golf Course, probably on a Friday afternoon in late May. Last year's outing was a lot of fun despite terrible weather. Rain and bitter cold didn't dampen the fun or spirits. Our web site will have more details on each event as we get closer. You can call or email me for directions and information on any of these events. But mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss them — is this a great class or what?