Yale University

Class Notes

April 2001

by Tony Lee

Class events take top priority in these class notes. Our annual gathering at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (SFES) with dinner and hockey game was a tremendous success. 40 classmates and spouses/guests attended, and the Yale hockey team beat Cornell 1 to 0 in overtime. The day began with a Class Council meeting and Jon McBride reporting on the Mini Reunion in Washington, DC on May 4 through 6. This promises to be a great event and there's still time to sign up. We hope to have a Mini Reunion every year and are initiating plans for Santa Fe and London. Contact me if you have an idea for another location.

Following the Class Council meeting, our newly appointed member of the Yale Corporation, Len Baker, gave an overview of plans for the University and SFES. We then heard from 2 professors and 4 students who shared their perspectives and involvement at SFES. Following a relaxed dinner we cheered the Yale hockey team to victory. This mid-winter meeting at SFES with dinner and a hockey game is very popular and will continue to be an annual event. You can view photos and get a full report on the Class Council meeting on our Web site.

Our golf outing at the Yale Golf Course is scheduled for Friday, June 8. We'll tee off at about noon and then have dinner together. There will not be an official notice of the event so you should contact me or Martin Padley (781-235-7320) if you'd like to play.

Our 40th Reunion doesn't occur until 2004, but we should start getting a team together to coordinate the program, fund raising, and inviting classmates. Chris Getman, who was our Chairman for our 35th, assembled a team of more than 50. Contact me if you are interested in taking a leadership role or helping out in some capacity.

In the news department, Tony Jones sent an email: "I continue to publish a healthy twice-weekly community newspaper in beautiful Columbia County (east side of Hudson next to Mass border). Lots of Yale alums floating around this area, though not specifically '64. I toured the class Web site and will visit it occasionally. It's pretty amazing how quickly this internet stuff is changing the patterns and possibilities of people's lives."

Stephen Greenblatt is a Professor of Humanities at Harvard and was recently elected president of the Modern Language Association. David Almquist wrote: "I had an article published in the current issue of Spirit of Change (a regional holistic magazine), entitled 'Bashing Gurus and Alternative Religions.' It's not a how-to article, but a call for tolerance."

Charles Goldman: "After 17 years in my current academic role as Director of the Public Psychiatry Training Program at the Univ. of South Carolina School of Medicine, I am planning my retirement in September. Post-retirement plans include spending more time with 3 grandsons in Chicago and Seattle. My wife, CheChe, has another 4 years before she can retire, so I will have time to pursue writing, family research and video editing. This is an exciting time in my life and I look forward to a break from over 30 years of practicing medicine."

Jeremy Wood works for Ellkus/Manfredi Architects in Boston, and is presently designing construction documents for Emerson College Performance & Production Center in Boston. He writes: "As we enter year 31 of marriage (gasp), Robin enters year 31 (gasp) as Head of Theatre Dept. at Cambridge School. Our oldest child Alexis is to be married in August. She's a hospice nurse and he's a social worker, and they plan to live in St. Paul, Minnesota. Middle child Jonas is in first year MFA painting program at Univ. of Washington, Seattle. He majored in psychology at Hobart and minored in art. Youngest Augusta just graduated last May from Cooper Union with honors. She's a film and video wizard now just starting out as a photographer's assistant." There are a lot of creative, artsy genes in the Wood family.

Dennis DeSilvey writes: "Kathy and I live in Charlottesville VA where I am a Professor in the medical school. I am a member of the Cardiovascular Division and divide my time between teaching and maintaining a large clinical practice. We have been here since 1992 having made the change when I was 50 and it was time for another career. I figure that I will do this until I am 70 and then figure out what my next career will be! My major field of interest in Cardiology is Risk Reduction and Geriatric Cardiology. The later deals with cardiovascular disease in the elderly so I find myself taking care of more and more colleagues.

"Kathy is a Geriatric Pastoral Counselor who is involved in Nursing Home Ministry. She has created a wonderful career in an area of great need. 30% of Nursing Home patients have no visitors! Kathy and I also co-teach a number of courses on spirituality in medicine, and sickness and healing.

"We have three wonderful children. Ethan 31 is married and living in Missoula, Montana where he is a landscaper and arborist. Caitlin 28 is studying and teaching in Edinburgh Scotland, and is a recognized authority in sustainable agriculture. Sarah 25 alternates between teaching organic farming methods at the University of Montana in Missoula, and Italy where she works on an organic collective."

Sadly, Andy de Havenon passed away. He was a clinical psychologist who lived in Europe for many years where he wrote for Radio Luxembourg. He returned to New York, married Susan Beeson, and had a son, Victor. According to the New York Times, he was a superb golfer whose knowledge of sports was encyclopedic, and was a brilliant and compassionate man who lived an interesting life. The obituary is on our class Web site.