Yale University

Class Notes

Summer 2001

by Tony Lee

Our first class Mini Reunion in Washington, DC May 4 through 6 was a tremendous success. 85 classmates, spouses, friends, and children attended. The weather was great and our nation's capital was beautiful with spectacular azaleas, pansies, and other flowers in full bloom. The lovely Monarch Hotel served as the center of our activities. On Friday night we were entertained by the Bob and Joe show. Bob Kaiser introduced Joe Lieberman and told how he became Joe's first (and weakest) political opponent when he was steamrolled by Joe in the election for chairman of the Yale Daily News. Joe shared personally about his experience in running as Vice President — his deep sense of gratitude and many of the lighter moments. We love Joe because he always airs his dirty laundry with us. Years ago it was his socks and this time it was his undergarments.

Saturday was a full day with representations from the political, art, and media worlds. Our early morning walk through the White House was followed by a special tour with Doug Lewis '60 of the Venetian collections of paintings and sculpture at the National Gallery of Art. Bob Kaiser then guided us through the Washington Post. He shared some of the important and fascinating decisions made at the Post, and gave us wonderful insights into the operations of a major newspaper. Above all, however, was Bob's appreciation for his 37 years with the Post. We all felt: "Greeley has done good."

Although the day was busy with activities, perhaps the richest component was talking with each other as we walked to events and waited in lines. The day was appropriately concluded when we could sit down — at last — and laugh at the outrageously funny Capitol Steps' musical and political satire.

Check our web site for a description of the weekend, the list of who attended and some photos. We are very grateful for all the hard work contributed by organizers John Morrison, Mike Mazer, and Jon McBride.

Bob Hilgendorf and his wife Ling Tung have invited us to Santa Fe in the Fall of 2002 and Mike Nagel invited us to London in June 2003. Classmates should mark their long term calendars and plan to take extended vacations around these gatherings. If you need to be motivated to attend, call one of the many who attended DC.

Lory Knoblauch's attendance at our class gathering in Washington was his first appearance at a reunion in 37 years. At our Sunday morning breakfast table, he encapsulated why these gatherings are so satisfying. We have a lot in common as a class. We've been through a lot as individuals and as a class, and, like any large close-knit family, we genuinely enjoy seeing each other. It is a very interesting group of smart, talented and nice people.

Lory has just taken a new job as President and CEO of Underwriters Laboratories in Chicago. UL is a large public safety testing company with operations in 22 countries. All of us consumer-savvy types are used to seeing the UL label on our consumer electronics products. Carol and Lory are moving to Chicago and hope that this will be their tenth and final city to live in.

Carol and Joe Wishcamper attended the Mini. Some personal news from Joe: "Since hitting a psychic wall at age 40, I've spent a lot of time working on personal development issues. I've found the rewards to be great, as today I have a full life with satisfying work and good personal relationships. I've recently been doing something called transformational breathing, a facilitated breathing technique that is quite profound. I'm also involved in a couple of men's groups, and have an occasional meditation practice. Along the way, I gave up drinking and took up fanatical exercise. Meanwhile, my subsidized housing business is cranking out new deals in several states and is doing well by doing good. The small city of Portland, Maine, continues to be just right for me, with abundant opportunities for community involvement and for indulging my outdoor interests of fishing, bird hunting and golf. My number-one civic commitment in recent years was chairing the Maine chapter of The Nature Conservancy as it raised $50 million, acquired 200,000 acres of northern Maine timberland in one transaction, and played a part in several other transactions which altogether have preserved some 750,000 acres of land in our state in the last few years. What's not to be grateful for? Bring on (not back) the sixties!"

Toddie and Chris Getman were also in DC. Chris announced the arrival of his 4th grandchild: "All 4 grandkids were born in Madison, Wisconsin — the home of granola, tofu burgers, and home births. A routine trip to the ladies room turned into an express delivery. Toddie was immediately pressed into midwifery duties and made a spectacular diving catch, keeping both feet in bounds for 6 points. It has been reported that the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys, who are in search of a wide receiver, have contacted her. In the mean time, baby Evelyn was awarded two 7's and an 8 for her artistic ability in performing her first swan dive. She has also received an invitational letter from the Olympic diving coach to get ready for the 2020 Olympics."

I am pleased to announce that Leah Zimmerman, '02, is the recipient of our first Summer Fellowship. You can follow her summer travels in Russia on our web site and meet her in person at next winter's hockey game, dinner, and meeting at SFES. She sent me the following email: "I will be traveling June 10 - August 18 and will be in the Republic of Buryatia for all but one week. The final week will be spent in Moscow. I will be working with a grassroots youth-oriented environmental organization in the Lake Baikal region and part of my trip will include participation in the Green Walk 2001. The Green Walk is an environmental education movement/festival that includes a walk to the Mongolian border." Good luck, Leah, and we look forward to hearing from you.