Yale University

Class Notes

May 2002

by Tony Lee

There's a final note to our Washington, DC Mini Reunion last year. As you may recall, John Ashcroft was unable to participate in a panel discussion because of prior commitments. Last summer (and prior to Sept. 11), John invited the Mini organizers, Mike Mazer, Jon McBride and John Morrison to have lunch with him at his office in the Justice Department. Per Morrison: "John was very positive about his new role as Attorney General. He was relaxed and cordial, and seemed happy to have company with no political agenda. He regretted that he had to be on the road the weekend of our Mini Reunion. He also served a salmon dish that was a little short of out of this world."

Mackie MacLean emailed: "I am still working at the executive search division of Modis Professional Services, the company to which we sold our firm, Diversified Search, Inc., nearly four years ago; would love to buy it back, and still might. Four lovely children have produced four lovely grandchildren for Charlotte, who is still teaching bio-chemistry at Bryn Mawr, and me to enjoy, all arriving just one year ago. Happily residing in Haverford in the same home we have been in for nearly 30 years, with summers on St. Lawrence River in Canada where we are in the process of building a new and bigger home with three of our kids — an interesting but fun challenge. Had hoped to make our 35th, but ran a marathon in Alaska with a future daughter-in-law suffering from leukemia. Maybe will get to our 40th, which would be my first. Where did time go? I stay fairly close to my Loomis/Yale classmates, Bob Kaiser and John Wilbur."

John Hanold wrote: "Pam and I joined the Yale Alumni Chorus for concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and in the UK. Sightseeing was secondary to singing and friendships, some renewed after many years. Dave Johnson, Jon McBride, Bob Musil, Tom Barton, Al Rossiter, Don Haggerty, John Henderson, and Mike Finlay were other 1964 singers. We are living proof that the good only get better. I've passed 35 years at Honeywell and have endured the pendulum swings of recent management initiatives successfully if not happily. The grace and stability of a Minnesota-based business is being crowded out by the clumsy, erratic New Jersey style. Looking forward to a 2004 singing tour is my preference now."

From Tony Morris: "As a founding member of Citizens for Aerial Fire Protection, an ad hoc group founded in Topanga after the disastrous wildfires in 1993 and 1996, I am producing a documentary video on the need for better fire-fighting aircraft in Los Angeles County and throughout the state. Our work is drawing support from residents living throughout LA County. The video project will be presented to the governor and key state legislators upon completion."

Merrill Pasco: "I'm still practicing architecture full time, and playing a fair bit of tennis, here on Hilton Head Island where I have been since leaving NYC in '73. It appears that I am here for the duration. Bayne and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary (and getting my three sons out of the house), by rebuilding our home with a handsome new mortgage. I hope to stay in harness until it's paid off. I've only made it back for one reunion, our 25th, but it's always good to see an occasional classmate coming through Hilton Head, so don't hesitate to call."

From Paul Stygar: "I have been doing software since sophomore year as a bursary student at the Yale Computer Center. I ended up at Boeing as a result of company mergers. My last assignment was with the National Missile Defense project: 3 years doing simulation software, and 2 years doing system administration. I have lots of empathy for folks who want a sense of integrity in the current corporate cultures. My son is settled in Houston. My daughter moved to San Diego after witnessing the collapse of the WTC from her apartment near the Hudson River. I hack at golf in Virginia and attempt to plan a retirement."

Chip Nielsen writes from Mill Valley, CA: "I have been doing political law since 1974 and still enjoy the new challenges, especially responding to the so-called "reforms" that are enacted primarily by most of the states. Am currently representing Arnold Schwarzenegger, a very impressive person in many areas beyond acting and business, on his November 2002 statewide initiative to enrich after-school programs throughout California. My wife Arlene works for the California Council of International Trade, and the three delights of our lives attend or attended Tufts, UC Berkeley Graduate, Brown and Stanford. Last year all or parts of the family were in Patagonia, India (7 months), Argentina, Vancouver, Montreal, Hawaii, Boston, Middlebury, Denver, Oregon and Mexico. Future plans are more of the same."

James Mellon wrote that all is well. He is still married with 3 daughters ages 9, 12 and 14. He has written 3 books: African Hunter, 1975; The Face of Lincoln, 1980; and Bullwhip Days, 1989.

Fred Hornbruch closed his travel center in Palo Alto right after September 11. He's now consulting and training for the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii on October 19, 2002 as part of his second retirement.

Personal stories about September 11 keep coming in. Steve Norman was in his 50th floor office in the American Express building facing the World Trade Center. He felt the impact of the first plane and could see the smoke and fire, but thought the plane might have struck the tower by accident. When the second plane hit and it was obviously a terrorist act, everyone walked down the stairs to the street. "The worst part was seeing people jump off the burning towers. Police and firemen shouted for us to get away. With no subways or trains, I felt I should walk to my home in Rye, 33 miles away, but half-way through the Bronx, I developed blisters and negotiated with a gypsy cab driver who took me the rest of the way."

Burt Davis' stepmother, Isabella Davis, sent an update on Burt. He is still in rehab hospitals since his stroke in March, 2001. Isabella asks: "I would hope that you will hold him in your prayers and keep him posted on class events." We will.