Yale University

Class Notes

September/October 2006

by Tony Lavely

Things had been a little quiet as I prepared to write this issue of class notes, so I reached out to members of our Class Council and was delighted with the news I received.

Len Baker, who is now in his seventh year on the Yale Corporation, said how pleased he has been with President Levin's leadership and the improvements on campus, both in physical plant and academic curriculum. Len encourages you to write him directly (Len@shv.com) with your views about Yale, since he can represent us at the highest levels. On the business side, Len works full time as a venture capitalist and partner of Sutter Hill Ventures: "I'm spending quite a bit of time in China ... helping start some venture capital firms there … trying to learn Chinese." Len sees Tom Barton often and reports that Tom "is still a great opera singer." Jim Baxter and Barbara just moved from Houston to Westport, CT. Jim wrote: "I am consulting to physicians with inventions and/or patents … and playing golf." Jim's son, James ('95) wrote the music for "Street Fight," which was nominated for an Academy Award. Paul Balser married Paula Del Nunzio (who attended our last reunion). Paul wrote that he went fishing in Argentina with John Ogilvie and Rick Kroon earlier this year. Ward Cates wrote from Geneva and a World Health Organization conference. In January, Ward stayed at Bill Manuel's place in Crested Butte, CO, and skied with Jim Kearney and Judy and Bruce Driver and Charlene. Gordon Davis wrote: "I'm still traveling to China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries for the National Association of Realtors. Gordon's wife, Melissa, is Director of Governance at the YMCA of the USA. Gordon also reported with admiration that Wally Winter "has chalked up some important victories in the Chicago courts with legal assistance to poor people." Butch Hetherington, who organized our Yale Golf Outing in May, wrote, "The team captained by Chris Getman was slaughtered by the team captained by Tony Lee!" Butch is "semi-retiring" and moving to Williamsburg, VA, in August. Jay Huffard has teamed up with his son, Josh ('92) to form Consor Capital, managing a small venture capital fund. Jay also reported that Ed Trippe has developed a beautiful golf property, Tucker's Point in Bermuda. Henry McCance and Harry Howell already own properties there. Paul Ruden will marry Dina Long in October. Dina heads communications and public relations for the National Treasury Employees Union in Washington, D.C. Ward Wickwire says he and Tracy "are spending more time at their place in the Camden area of Maine. Ward often sees Mac Deford and Church Carey who have places nearby.

Tony Morris wrote a very interesting account — which is posted on our Class Web Site — about his thirteen years researching wildfires and firefighting aircraft with Wildfire Research Network. In the process of researching a new aircraft, he met classmate, Rick Hatton, who is CEO of Alcoa's Cargo Conversions subsidiary.

Sadly, I received an incredible obituary, written by Sam Low for our classmate, Bob Kuehn, who died suddenly in June. I urge you to read the full obituary on our Class Web Site, and you will be impressed with the many things Bob accomplished in his life.