Yale University

Class Notes

November/December 2007

by Tony Lavely

The Yale Alumni Magazine notified me that the September/October issue was delayed by printing problems. While this publication carries extensive news about Yale and her alumni, as well as wonderful articles, I urge you to check our class Web site periodically, since the news about classmates and information about upcoming class events are available to you on a timelier basis than in the printed magazine.

Beginning with upcoming events, I remind you about the class dinner at the Yale Club of New York City on October 19th. Paul Stieger will be joined by a panel of classmates, John Stacks and Lee Sigal. Earlier that day, Peter Hutchings has arranged a docent-led tour of the Rubin Museum of Art. Ed Massey (memassey@nexgencos.com) has organized this mini-reunion while launching a new business, Next Generation Consulting.

Bill Galvin has organized a second class golf outing of the year at the Yale Golf Course on October 26th with over twenty classmates playing. Tony Lee is chairing a more ambitious golf outing in Bermuda in late October 2008. So far twenty-eight classmates have signed up.

Of course, the biggest upcoming gathering of classmates will be our 45th reunion in June 2009. Last July, John Evans chaired the first meeting of the reunion program committee (check out the photo on our class Web site under "News"). Input on program ideas was received from many classmates, and we welcome additional suggestions for speakers and discussion panels. The full reunion committee, led by reunion chairman, Waldo Johnston, now numbers fifty-eight classmates.

Terry Holcombe, our class secretary, traveled in Spain with Marya, where they hiked the Picos de Europa and toured the Wellington battle sites of the Napoleonic Wars. Showing he's "still got game," Terry made it to the July meeting within hours of his transatlantic return flight.

John Evans and Dottie traveled to Berlin and Dresden this summer: "We found the history, the extensive parks, and the beautiful modern architecture to be very exciting particularly the Reichstag and Chancellory and Sony Center. Dottie noted that the Germans are way ahead of us in energy conservation and recycling."

Responding to the memoriam for William Connelly in a prior column, Patrick Caviness wrote a touching remembrance of Mowry. Classmates are encouraged to post remembrances like these on our class Web site. E-mail them to me or directly to our Webmaster, Sam Francis. Patrick Caviness also added: "I just returned form a four-day trip over my 66th birthday to Turtle Island, Koh Tao, where marine life and beautiful coral still abound … went to the Mauy Thai boxing matches."

Proving that our Webmaster does have some time to himself, Sam Francis wrote: "I spent a couple of weeks this summer sailing around Mallorca and Menorca in the Mediterranean with family and friends. The cruise was bareboat (which means ‘sail it yourself') and the latest in these annual cruises, which have spanned the world for almost forty years (for details, go to www.franciscruises.net).

Chris Getman (another reunion program committee member) wrote about his summer travels: "Strachan Donnelley and I fished the Blackfoot in Montana. It was my first try at fly fishing. Donnelley really knows what he's doing and snagged a lot of trout plus two cottonwoods and a willow. We had to leave our waders on for dinner to protect ourselves from the onslaught of ‘Professor Strachan!'"

Responding to the published challenge that Jim Rogers had the youngest child in our class, Alan Anderson wrote: "Ivy Anderson was born on January 2, 2005. Yes, I am the confused and adoring father of a terribly-two-year-old girl who tells me what to do and why I should obey all her commands instantly."

Tim Bachmeyer e-mailed: "I'm beginning a new position with the Florida Bar Foundation in Orlando, after twenty-four years as a professional fundraiser. With my wife, Ellen, and our sixteen year-old daughter, Jenna, we have a small horse farm and are enjoying the rolling hills and wildlife of Central Florida."

Peter Rice e-mailed that he "will be convening with my old rommies at the wedding of Charlie Pulaski's daughter on Cape Cod over Labor Day weekend, where I'll also see Butch Hetherington, Jimmie Turchik, and perhaps Brad Reynolds and Gerry Shea." Butch added: It was a great wedding overlooking Cape Cod Bay, and we had a great time." Note: When you get together with classmates, send me pictures (with captions), and we can post them on the Web site.

Larry Lawrence (officially a member of 1965) asked to become more involved with our class activities. Larry wrote "I see Jay Huffard and Kirk fairly often, in both Greenwich and Madison, CT. In October, Larry and Sally went on a ten-day trip to Italy and Greece with Dave Kalayjian and Marcia. Since he retired from his family meat business, Dan Pollack has become very involved with not-for-profit organizations. Dan wrote that he is working with SCORE, which offers free counseling to small businesses. Dan and Nancy have also volunteered their time to the Jewish Council for Youth Services, an organization that offers child care, day and overnight camping, special needs, and an "at risk" program for inner-city high school students.

Larry Crutcher wrote: "Since 2001 I have been in San Francisco, where in 2002 I married Hannah Bruce. We also have a home at Stinson Beach, about 40 minutes north, where the ocean appears to be receding, not rising. I'll be employed by Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a communications industry private equity fund manager, until the end of the year."

Nortin Hadler e-mailed from North Carolina: "Carol and I just returned from cycling from Budapest to Krakow. We've been spending time at our beach house with grandchildren. Our son, Jeff (Yale '90), a Southeast Asia Historian on the Berkeley faculty and his wife, Kumi, visited recently as did our daughter, Elana, and her husband, Jonathan." Nortin delivered the Southwick Lecture at Yale Medical School in late October.

Steve Norman wrote: "I'm still working for American Express, which helps me pay the monthly bills they keep sending me! I had lunch recently with Ben Moyer regarding a microfinance project."

Gordon Davis wrote: "Since December I've been the China country director of the National Democratic Institute, living in Hong Kong. My wife, Melissa, has joined me and will matriculate at the University of Hong Kong to pursue a Master's degree in Buddhist Studies."

Between trips to Asia and Africa for Family Health International, Ward Cates e-mailed: "In October, Joan and I went to Bermuda with Steve Feinstein and Karen to relive our honeymoons forty years later." Ward added that they also see Travis Meredith and Karen in Chapel Hill, NC, as members of an investment club. Travis is chair of the Opthamology Department at UNC School of Medicine.

Len Baker, who is in his eighth year on the Yale Corporation, wrote: "I'm about to enter my 35th year in the venture capital business as a partner with Sutter Hill Ventures in Palo Alto. I have a fairly eclectic group of companies to work on. I've been traveling to China several times a year, serve on the board of two companies in Beijing, and work closely with Chengwei Ventures. I've been studying Chinese for the past three years. It's hard, especially for a 64-year-old brain."

Our class treasurer, Chip Brennan, went to Scotland, Estonia, and Russian in September (with a promise to return).

Another world traveler, Paul Balser wrote: "In August, I took a great trip, led by Gus Speth, to the Pantanal region of Brazil. Classmates Peter Cooper, Stephen Kahn, William Moeller, Fielding Secor, and Wallace Winter joined us for a fascinating look at the Brazil Everglades in the dry season." Send pictures, guys!

Jim Baxter recently moved from Houston to New York, and wrote: "I'm looking for a job or entrepreneurial opportunity. Meanwhile I'm doing part time law practice and consulting with an inventor of an orthopedic spine device. Daughter Kathryn (Y '88) and husband Garth Bray have just moved back to NYC. Son, James (Y '94) manages a recording studio in Los Angeles and continues to compose and produce electronic music."

Our class AYA Representative, Will Elting, wrote: "In June, the youngest daughter of Charles Barker, Holly, married Peter Robinson in Houston. Charlie was a very distinguished father of the bride, an opinion seconded by Nicolaus von Baillou and his wife Vivian (who were married in June of last year). Nick is very happy to report that the radiation and chemotherapy treatment he has undergone for stage 4 cancer of the throat has been successful."

As your Corresponding Secretary, I should also report that I made a recent professional change. After seeing Ruth's Chris Steak House through a successful initial public offering and a traumatic relocation following Hurricane Katrina, I left the company earlier this year. I am now consulting for a number of restaurant, beverage, and Internet clients (energized by my yoga practice).

I am sorry to report that Howard F. ("Phil") Phillips died in July. His widow, Meg Kelly, wrote a beautiful obituary which is posted on our class Web site. Of course, Phil and other departed classmates will be remembered at a service of remembrance during our 45th reunion.