Yale University

Class Notes

May/June 2012

by Tony Lavely

In early February, your Class Council convened in New Haven at Kroon Hall ("Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Design") for our annual meeting.  A robust group of 21 Council members attended (out of 32 total Council members).  Chip Brennan reported on the Class treasury which is in good shape as we build to our 50th Reunion in Spring 2014.  Class dues collections are ahead of last year.  Ward Wickwire reported on the Alumni Fund which is also performing well versus year ago.  Steve Norman provided an interesting report on AYA Assembly LXXI (November 2011) which is posted on the Class Website in "News".  Sam Francis presented Google Analytics on our Class Website which continues to gain viewership.  Pete Putzel reported on the 50th Reunion Planning Committee meeting that was held a day earlier.  Our goal is to break the all-time Yale record for attendance at a 50th reunion.  Tony Lee is leading an aggressive telephone campaign organized by residential college to contact all classmates and encourage email listings for ongoing (and green) communications.  Our Urban Resources Initiative (URI) 2011 summer intern, Amy Zvonar, made an excellent presentation of her work in New Haven last summer (now posted on the Class Website in "News").  The Council was very impressed and voted to increase our financial support for this local environmental cause.  On Friday night prior to the Saturday meeting, classmates enjoyed dinner in the "new" Mory's and were only disappointed by an overtime loss to St. Lawrence in men's hockey.  On this same visit to New Haven, your Class Secretary attended a special event in Branford College (where Tony Lavely is an Associate Fellow) honoring outgoing Master Steven Smith.  A commissioned portrait of Master Smith was unveiled in the dining hall with remarks by Master Elizabeth Bradley and President Rick Levin.

In the process of communicating with Council members, we received news updates from members attending and absent.  Jim Baxter is now Chairman and General Counsel at New York Global Group, a private equity and corporate advisory firm in New York and Beijing.  Jim wrote: "In recent months, I have been involved in pushing back against a wave of anti-Chinese propaganda and prejudice."  Nortin Hadler could not attend but emailed: "I have a hectic calendar this winter and lots of teaching and clinical obligations in Chapel Hill."  Dan Pollack was in Arizona in February but emailed his enthusiasm for the new head football coach, Tony Reno.  Also absent was Paul Ruden who is recuperating from hip-replacement surgery.  Chip Brennan was bone-fishing in Venezuela but provided a good treasurer's report by email.  Ward Wickwire, who did attend, emailed: "Tracy and I are selling our Wisconsin home after 34 years and moving to Maine where we have been spending summers.  Now, we'll be able to see more of classmates Mac Deford, Dennis DeSilvey, and Joe Wishcamper." 

A stunning collection of photographs by Ed Ranney were posted in Fraction Magazine and can be viewed on our Class Website in "News."  The portfolio corresponds with a limited edition, digitally-printed book, Archaeology and the Shape of Time. Don Edwards is working on the first-ever college reunion for Ezra Stiles College 50th anniversary next October.  Bob Buchanan, who attended the Council meeting, emailed: "I head the '2030 Group,' which is developing a better sense of regionalism in the Washington, DC area.  We have found a voice in a recent series of Washington Post articles by Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Steven Perlstein."

Pete Putzel sent reports on the January and February class luncheons at the Yale Club of NYC: "We had a turnout of ten classmates in January.  Newcomer Daniel Gsovski continues to practice law in NYC and in his spare time is the director of the Alumni Yale Russian Chorus which is enjoying quite a renaissance."  In February, Pete emailed: "We had eleven classmates at our February 28th luncheon.  Len Baker was there from California on his way to attending his final Yale Corporation meeting.  Another first-timer, Chuck Mokriski, is a partner at the Proskauer firm and divides his time between New York and Boston.  Ed Massey is on the 'Whole Foods Diet' and looks great!"

Marya and Terry Holcombe visited Martin Gerstel in Jerusalem.  Terry emailed: "Marty lives in Jerusalem most of the year and is on the board of various pharmaceutical companies; he is also very involved with the Weizmann Institute and its research activities."  Chris Getman had lunch with Tim Garton in March and emailed: "Tim lives in Vail and is planning to come to our 50th Reunion."  Your Class Secretary ran into Tom Trowbridge outside the Rockefeller Center skating rink in March for a quick visit.  On the same visit, Tony Lavely had lunch with Stan Thomas' son, Chip.  Jon McBride had a nice phone conversation with Richard High who expressed interest in attending our 50th Reunion.  Richard retired as president of the San Diego Times-Advocate about five years ago. 

There was quite a bit of activity in the Publications space (see "Class News" and "Publications" on our Class Website) since the last issue.  Jon McBride and Steve Norman co-authored an article: "Whistleblowing: Time for an Ombudsman?" in Corporate Secretary Magazine in February.  Howard Gillette called our attention to new publications by classmates Tim Breen, Fred Buell, and Brooks CarderAngus Gillespie had an article published in the New York Times, "When a Road Opened Under the Hudson" in March.  Ed Massey published a short story in Frontier Tales Magazine, "Daughters of the Pioneers."  William Hutchins has translated many books from Arabic literature. His most recent work, The Traveler and the Innkeeper, is posted on our Class Website in "Publications."  In March, Gus Speth wrote an article for Nation of Change, entitled "America the Possible: A Manifesto."  Dick Berk has a new book coming out this year with a possible profile in Atlantic Monthly.

In closing this column, your Class Secretary, Tony Lavely, reports that after 43 years sojourning west and south of the Hudson, he will be returning to New England this year.  In February, he joined Friendly's Ice Cream in Wilbraham, MA, as Executive Vice President, adding ice cream to the other healthful foods he has peddled in his career.  Just call him "The Hokey Pokey Man!"