Yale University

Class Notes

March/April 2013

by Tony Lavely

 Writing this column in early January, I have confirmed the annual meeting of our Class Council on February 2nd at Kroon Hall (SF&ES) in New Haven.  The 50th Reunion Planning Committee will meet the day before, and we will enjoy our traditional dinner at Mory's and a men's hockey game.  Shorty, we will be adding a 50th Reunion link to our Class Website, so please check for updates as we approach the 12-month countdown.  Contact one of the leadership troika — Chris Getman, Waldo Johnston, or Pete Putzel — if you would like to get involved.  Bill Woodfin, for example, suggested, "I would very much enjoy an architectural tour of Yale as part of our 50th Reunion, focusing on changes during Levin's tenure."

Blaine Krickl emailed from the UK reflecting again on a recent classmate mini-reunion in London: "There are about a dozen classmates living in the UK, but it's quite rare that we all get together at once.  George McQuilkin lives in Scotland, and Bill Dorsey is quite remote in farthest Norfolk."  Another distance classmate, Pat Caviness, emailed from Thailand: "Forty-nine years ago, who would have thought that I'd be on Koh Samui in front of my computer in a very special villa on this small island enjoying the photos of the beautiful grandchildren of my college teammates (Lavely and Pollack)!"  Tony Lee weighed in with an update on his two grandsons: "This summer, we went to the AMC Mizpah springs Hut in the White Mountains and we climbed Mt. Jackson, their first 4000 footer." 

Bob Myers emailed that he recently joined the New York law firm, Clifford Chance.  Frank Franklin messaged me on LinkedIn: "We recently hosted a warm-up to the 50th by hosting my three Trumbull roommates (Kip Burgweger, John Hunsaker, and Ralph DeFronzo) at our home in Birmingham AL." Professionally, Frank's main academic interest is the nutrition of mothers and children.  There was lots of handwringing over the first football season for Coach Reno, but Chris Getman reminded us that Coach Seidlecki was 1-9 in his first year and won an Ivy Championship four years later.

Tony Morris wrote a column in the Santa Monica Mirror Online, reflecting on November 22, 1963.  It's posted as a news story on our Class Website. Tony has also submitted a proposal to WGBH-Boston Frontline for a documentary on US Aerial Firefighting.  Timothy Breen emailed: "After some forty years I am retiring from Northwestern University, where I directed a center for historical research, and effective September 2013 I will take up a new position, a James Marsh Professor at-large at the University of Vermont. This welcome opportunity will allow me to organize conferences and lectures on my current project, Law, Rights, and Toleration During the American Revolution."  Another classmate in Vermont, Gus Speth has a new book America the Possible which is listed on our Class WebsiteTony Lee emailed: "Martin Padley married Melissa Clemence in Concord MA on December 1.  Mike Price and I attended with our spouses.  The ceremony was lovely."

Wayne Batcheler, whom I am happy to say is recovering from a battle with prostate cancer, emailed about the Yale AIDS Project, reported in the September-October 2012 Yale Alumni Magazine (and online).  Our own Nate Marinuzzi was pictured.  If there are other departed classmates whom you believe should be included in this memorial project, please contact Wayne or me.  Wayne is working on the Memoriam section of our 50th Reunion Class Book.  Tom Walton wrote: "Still working as a free-lance environmental consultant for international development organizations, working in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Islands."  John Evans emailed about the heartbreaking tragedy in Newtown CT, his hometown.  Gordon Davis commented on Facebook: "As horrible as it was, it masks the bigger story that literally thousands of Americans die every year from random gun violence at the hands of people who never, when they acquired their gun, thought they might one day use it to take another human's life."

In December, Joe Lieberman was a guest on CNN Piers Morgan with two other senators billed as "The 'Three Amigos' on the Definition of Marriage," posted in "Class News" on our Website.  Waldo Johnston emailed in response to an earlier Lieberman news item ("A Sad Farewell" posted in "News" on our Website): "At our 50th Reunion, let's be sure the Class gives Joe the resounding farewell he so richly deserves.  Even though everyone has not always agreed with his views, he was true to his principles, thoughtful, kind, and courageous."  David Sherman commented as well: "As Joe is now leaving politics, he and I are back in touch about trying to do something together viz the "peace process.  I travel to Israel for the joy of being in Jerusalem and to stay in touch with my Palestinian friends."

Gerry Shea, whose new book Song Without Words: Discovering My Deafness Halfway Through Life is posted in "Publications," will be in Washington D.C. in February where he is scheduled to appear on NPR Diane Rehm Show.  Bob Kaiser emailed: "Hannah and I just got back from Paris where we spent a wonderful weekend with Gerry Shea and Claire at their splendid place in the country barely an hour from the Eiffel Tower. Bob is working on a new book to be published in May, an inside account of how the Dodd-Frank bill came to be.  Jethro Lieberman explained the delay in the publication of his new book, Liberalism Undressed, "I began work on it in 1972 proving, I suppose, the triumph of perseverance over procrastination."  Jim Rogers will be the featured speaker in my hometown on February 6 at the CFA Society of Atlanta.

Chris Getman and Handsome Dan XVII were featured on the Yale Facebook Page with the Yale School of Drama 2013 Acting Class (posted in "News").  Over the year-end holiday season, we heard from many classmates: Pat Caviness: "I just finished my yoga with Frederique on our verandah overlooking the sea off Koh Samui."  Dan Berman is working on issues in California related to public power, energy, and occupational safety and health.  He post-scripted: "I'm trying to convince some of my fellow Trumbullians to show up at the 50th."  Stephen Greenblatt included a photo himself, his wife, and son riding camels in Petra, Jordan.  Dan Pollack and Nancy posted on Facebook their hike of Spur Cross in Maricopa County AZ.  Larry Lawrence, who was also impacted by Hurricane Sandy, reported on a 2012 visit to Machu Picchu followed by skiing in Chile. I also got a nice phone call (no email) over the holidays from Richard Campbell who plans to attend our 50th Reunion.

With much sadness, I report the death of three classmates since the last column: Todd Mueller died on November 14th in Farmington, ME. George Humphrey, our venerable football captain, died on November 26th in Sarasota, FL. Jon Auerbach died on November 29th in New York City.  I had spoken with Jon only days before his death, and he joked about his photos on our Class Website.  All of these men are remembered on our Class Website where you may add a personal remembrance if you wish.