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In Memoriam

Fred Hopf

Fred Hopf
1964 graduation

The library of the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona is named in honor of Professor Frederic A. Hopf, known as "Captain Chaos" to his students. Before he died from lung cancer, Professor Hopf's research included nonlinear optics, quantum optics, and incoherent light applications of optics in chemistry. An amateur actor, a hiker and a birdwatcher, he is still missed by the faculty and staff at the Center.

The Fred A. Hopf Library supports the academic and research interests of the Center's faculty, staff and students.

Many of the books in our collection are personal donations from faculty and students or from the Center's graduate student organization, and the Center is grateful for their thoughtfulness and their generosity. Many of our alumni, Industrial Affiliates and industry sponsors have generously contributed to our library and have made it possible for the Center to purchase books that it would not have been able to afford otherwise. Their contributions will be much appreciated by the next generation of students to study here.

The Library never closes; it is always available to our faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars and staff. In addition to books and journals, the collection includes a reserve book section, class notes, homework solutions, copies of exams, prelim study materials and past exams, a complete collection of theses and dissertations written by the Center's former students, Technical Reports and Newsletters published by the Center, and copies of recently published research articles and books written by the Center's faculty and students. Old, rare, or unusual books are shelved separately, but are available by special arrangement.