Yale University

In Memoriam

Carroll Dunham Parry III

Cary Parry
1964 graduation

September 3, 1940 – March 24, 1981

Cary Parry was born in Columbus OH, where he attended Columbus Academy. He entered Yale with the Class of 1963, but took a year off for the Army. Returning in the Class of 1964, he played varsity tennis, ran the Yale Student Food Agency, and belonged to Zeta Psi.  Following college, Cary went on to Union Theological Seminary in New York, from which he dropped out after three years.

Falling back on his tennis expertise, Cary became an instructor at the Bayside Racquet Club. For a number of years he coached such celebrities as Charlton Heston.  During this time, Cary was married, living in Great Neck, Long Island. He subsequently divorced, and was embarked upon a new career, in information technology, at the time of his death. Cary was jogging, but tripped, possibly over a dog, falling to his head. By the time emergency services arrived, he had bled to death.