Yale University

In Memoriam

Mike Shapiro

Mike Shapiro
1964 graduation

by Mary Ellen Shapiro, Mike's wife

October 14, 2001

This letter is being written to share with Mike's classmates what is happening with his three children. Mike died on Nov. 23, 1987, after a 15-month struggle with colorectal cancer. At the time of his death our three children were 10 1/2, almost 8, and 5 1/2 years old. Today, the eldest of the crew, Bill (named in memory of Bill Bertusi) is 24 years old. He is a police officer in Horsham Township, PA. He followed in the footsteps of his twin half-brothers, Larry and Jerry Rubas, who are police officers in the neighboring township of Upper Moreland.

Melanie, our daughter, 21, is an honors student at UMass Amherst, having transferred this fall from Temple. Her major is sociology (the last I heard!). She's "behind schedule" for graduation at age 22 because she started out as a part-time student at P.C.P. in Philly before going full-time.

Finally, Stuart, our youngest, is now 19 yrs old! He is a sophomore at Penn State. His major is yet to be determined! He is taking a lot of business courses this semester to help himself decide ... he is an excellent tennis player and also an excellent student like his Dad!

As for myself, his widow, I moved back to Baltimore, my hometown, in August 1997. I also returned to my chosen profession, school-teaching, after a hiatus of 22 years. I spent four years at St. Mark School in Catonsville, MD, and am now teaching kindergarten at Mt. Providence Child Development Center (5 minutes from my home in Arbutus, MD).

The years have flown by since we lost Mike ... I think of all the good times we had at Yale ... football games ... reunions ... hockey games ... and I still miss him!

Respectfully submitted ... Peace and love to all ...

Mary Ellen Shapiro