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Reply to Sam Francis "How Did the Universe Begin, How Will It End, and How Do We Know?"

Jim Currie

January 21, 2014

Category: Science and Technology > Physical Sciences

This is my first visit to the class blog page and I was immediately attracted to your article. Am not a trained physicist but have read a bunch on cosmology, also some reading on quantum. Based on my readings, I agree with your outline of the development and fate of OUR universe. But of course there are always "next questions." For example, don't you agree that quantum fluctuations probably came before and will follow after the 'dissolution' of our universe? For another, might we not hope to avoid earth's next mass extinction by finding another (safer) place to live? As per your write-up, we seem to have plenty of options.

Regarding things quantum (we'll soon be passing from the 'digital' to the 'quantum' era), if you are interested I can send you a link to a fun TED lecture, and/or would refer you to the book Quantum Story by Jim Baggott.

Anyway, thanks very much for your interesting piece.