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Paul Balser '64 recognized in Yale's "Partners Through Giving"

The Yale publication "Partners Through Giving," which provides news from Yale's Office of Planned Giving, included the following article in their Fall 2014 issue:

Yale College alumnus Paul Balser, who enthusiastically co-chaired his Class of 1964 50th-reunion gift committee, recently established a charitable remainder trust to pay income to his grandchildren, ranging in age from twenty-two months to fourteen years. This is Paul's third charitable remainder trust. With it, he continues to express confidence in Yale's professional management as trustee. Paul funded his trusts with appreciated stock and was able to avoid capital gains tax liability on the assets used to fund them.

Paul comments: "To celebrate my 50th Yale College reunion, I was able to make a meaningful gift to Yale and at the same time help my grandchildren with their education and other expenses. Each grandchild receives annual payments from this trust for the next twenty years. Then, Yale will receive the remaining trust assets. I believe this type of trust offers a terrific opportunity to make an important gift, save taxes, and help out younger family members. As a volunteer, I encourage other alumni in similar situations to contact Yale to learn more about how a charitable remainder trust could work for them."

Paul is gratified to know that his Yale charitable remainder trusts will not only help family members, including his grandchildren, but will also support future generations of talented and deserving Yale College students.