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Support Network


Don Edwards

In 2015 our Class Council endorsed the formation of a Class support network modeled on a similar effort by the Class of 1963. 

The support network consists of volunteers from the Class of 1964 who may be able to offer not only a sympathetic and experienced ear but also concrete and helpful suggestions to classmates dealing with issues familiar to the volunteer through personal or professional experience.

Classmates can join the list of network volunteers by contacting Don Edwards '64, who volunteered to create this network and who continues as its coordinator. In addition to the most common medical concerns (hypertension, prostate, hearing loss, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes), people with experience with substance abuse, depression, financial reverses, bereavement, and end-of-life concerns would be valuable additions.


This support is strictly confidential. Network volunteers do not report the identity or content of their contacts with classmates.

List of Network Volunteers

Below is the current list of network volunteers. You can solicit support simply by contacting one of them. Where the volunteer's area is listed as "general support," it indicates that the volunteer is happy to listen and try to be helpful across the range of issues we typically face at this stage of life. Don Edwards will be happy to help you make a useful connection. 

Class of 1964 Network Volunteers (revised 6/16/15)

Contact Information
Dave Anderson
Laguna Beach, CA
Tax problems; children with addiction
Tim Bachmeyer
Orlando, FL
Thriving/surviving cancer; retirement and aging
Paul Balser
New York, NY
Arthur Boylston
Oxford, UK
General medical issues
011-44-1865 766754
Bob Bulkeley
Campton, NH
Drug/alcohol abuse
(603) 536-1791
Brooks Carder
Del Mar, CA
Parkinson's; addiction; disabled spouse
(858) 350-6708 or (858) 775-9224
Don Crabtree
Basking Ridge, NJ
General support
Richard Dauphine
Carmel, CA
Orthopedic surgery
Bill Drennen
Shepherdstown, WV
General support; loss of a spouse
(304) 876-1236
Hood Franks
Scottsdale, AZ
Cancer; ALS
(480) 905-2652
Bill Galvin
Greenwich, CT
(203) 618-9800
Charlie Goldman
Columbia, SC
Retirement; family issues; men’s groups; open-heart surgery; atrial fibrillation
Terry Holcombe
Old Lyme, CT
Atrial fibrillation
Jay Huffard
Stamford, CT
Finance and business
(203) 962-6647
Peter Hutchings
New York, NY
Hearing-aid issues
(917) 664-5384
Waldo Johnston
Vero Beach, FL
General support
Dave Kalayjian
Clinton, CT
(860) 552-4230 or (860) 754-4777
Steve Klingelhofer
Chestertown, MD
Substance abuse; death, dying, grief; family relations in stressful conditions
(410) 810-3999
Loring Knoblauch
Chicago, IL
Prostate cancer
Mark Krinsky
San Francisco, CA
Alcohol/drug abuse
(415) 931-0110
Tony Lavely
Atlanta, GA
Spouse/child with cancer; death of sibling
(407) 770-8942
Doug Lea
Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Death of children; alcoholism; retirement overseas
(784) 495-2055
Tony Lee
Wayland, MA
General support
Chip Levengood
Philadelphia, PA
Retirement; downsizing; family issues; support of spouse's illness
(215) 238-1591
Ed Massey
Stamford, CT
General support
Mike Mazer
Washington, DC
Finance; retirement; back pain
Jon McBride
Chevy Chase, MD
General support
(301) 654-6338
Michael Posner
Florence, MA
Pediatric concerns of grandparents
(413) 586-7224
Pete Putzel
Brooklyn, NY
Loss of a child; back surgery
Al Rossiter
Lincoln, MA
General support
(781) 259-9112
Tom Rowe
Marina del Rey, CA
Prostate cancer and post-prostatectomy
(310) 822-5892
Gus Speth
Strafford, VT
General support
(802) 765-4899
Russell Sunshine
Pacific Grove, CA
Prostate cancer;
family Alzheimer’s
Don Van Doren
Santa Fe, NM
General support;
non-profit boards
Ward Wickwire
Lincolnville, ME
Business transition; retirement
(414) 899-7173
Bill Woodfin
McKinney, TX
Cancer; chemotherapy
(214) 236-3044