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Blaine Krickl '64 and Karl Ziegler '64 report on a London class reunion

May 26, 2016

At the invitation of Karl Ziegler, members of the classes of 1963 and 1964 gathered for dinner at the Queen’s Tennis Club in West London on May 26th for dinner in the club’s recently refurbished dining area. Joining Karl were Nick and Jocelyn Baskey, just off a stormy north-Atlantic crossing for their summer stay in the UK, Chuck and Dominique Lubar, Jane and Blaine Krickl, Sheldon Leader, and David Sherman.  Here's the complete cast of characters:

  • Chuck '63 and Dominique Lubar
  • Blaine '64 and Jane Krickl
  • Nick '64 and Joslyn Baskey
  • Vanessa Rhode (husband, Michael, '62)
  • Sheldon Leader '64
  • David Sherman '64
  • Karl Ziegler '64

As ever with such gatherings, it was lively and conversational.  David offered a toast to Benjamin Franklin College where the Class of 1964 Gateway will be situated, and suggested that classmates coming to London might wish to visit Benjamin Franklin House. David added: "It was a lovely evening, a lovely gathering, and I was sitting next to two lovely ladies. The Queen's Club has history and a lovely building."

Later in the evening, perhaps as a riposte to a noisy birthday party at the adjoining table, we sang the Whiffenpoof Song with considerable gusto and the leadership of Nick, a man well familiar with tune and words as one of our class’s thirteen songsters. 

Joining the group was a friend of Karl's, Vanessa Rhode, whose former husband, Michael, was a member of Yale 1962's class.  Both are fellow members of Queen's Club, with Chuck and Karl.

The luncheon was memorialized by Karl's photographs below.