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Class of 1964 luncheons at the Yale Club this winter

Here are two reports on Class luncheons at the Yale Club of New York in recent months. These luncheons are coordinated and usually hosted by Pete Putzel '64.

Bill Galvin reports

January 28, 2014

Single digit wind chills cut into the attendance at the monthly Y64 lunch at the Yale Club on January 28th, but seven hardy septuagenarians appeared.

Alan McFarland, in his sartorial splendor, had the opportunity to re-connect with recently "retired" Washington Post editor Bob Kaiser who participated for the first time as a New Yorker.

Dick Vietor commented on the health "benefits" of the food at the YC as well as real-estate values on Martha's Vineyard.

Harvey Berenson's planned trip to Cuba in February for "cultural reasons" caused David Plimpton to recall his fishing exploits from a dive boat off the Cuban coast and the resourcefulness of the Cubans against the US embargo which started while we were at Yale.

Jim Baxter arrived on time (a first) and extolled the virtues of doing business in China, combined with some "war stories" of his banking days in Tokyo.

Bill Galvin, coordinating the lunch in the absence of Pete Putzel who was sprinting around Machu Picchu and among those turtles in the Galapagos, encouraged pre-registration for the reunion and YC membership.

Pete Putzel reports

February 25, 2014

Bob Kaiser has moved from DC to NYC and has become a regular at our monthly luncheons. His recent extraordinary Washington Post piece (read it here) describes the toxic political environment in Washington which has made the move very attractive for him and Hannah. A lot of the luncheon was devoted to discussing the issue. Hannah teaches anthropology at Fordham University. Like many classmates (Dave Plimpton, Tom Trowbridge, and Howard Gillette, to name just a few) the Kaisers have offspring living in beautiful Brooklyn.

Ed Massey is about to publish a new novel.

Chip Thomas (son of Stan Thomas) came to the February lunch and appeared to enjoy himself. Other regulars included Tom Trowbridge (a new grandfather), Lee Sigal, Alan McFarland, Paul Balser, and Ken Hannan (who buys and sells ships for a living!). 

In January, we took an extraordinary trip to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos with Per Wickstrom and Elaine. Per has retired as a thoracic surgeon and devotes himself to his new passion for painting and a profound devotion to homeless residents of their city, Duluth, Minnesota.