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Gus Speth '64 attends special celebration at SF&ES

Gus reported to our Class Secretary the following:

Cameron and I journeyed back to Yale, April 24-25, to join the Environment School's celebration of the greening of Yale that occurred during President Levin's stellar reign. Of course, it took place in Kroon Hall, and Rick and Mary Jane were there for the festivities, which concluded with a luncheon honoring President Levin and featuring Yale's now famous sustainable food. A lot more got done over the past 20 years:

  • Yale's aggressive commitment on climate
  • Launch of the undergraduate major in environmental studies
  • Pledge that all new buildings will be LEED certified
  • Creation of the office of sustainability
  • Launch of major new academic initiatives in climate and energy
  • Success of the award-winning Yale Environment 360 Website
  • Various gains in waste reduction and recycling.

The panel on the future, which was composed entirely of women, gave yours truly a chance to sound off again, this time in favor of fossil fuel divestment, which created a bit of a stir.