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Squash Haven appreciates Class of 1964 support

[Squash Haven is a Yale-affiliated organization — supported by the Class of 1964 — that promotes squash participation and college aspirations among inner-city youth in New Haven.]

July 1, 2016

Jon McBride

Jon McBride, our liaison to Squash Haven, reports that matching funds were fully subscribed from individual classmate gifts.  Subsequently, Squash Haven and the current high-school student participants expressed their sincere appreciation to the Class of 1964 in effusive thank-you notes that you can read here.

Specifically, the Squash Haven executive director, Julie Greenwood, wrote to Tony Lavely as follows:

Dear Tony:

A few years into this partnership I continue to marvel at the loyalty, generosity, and deep and lasting engagement of you and your classmates. Squash Haven has been built and is sustained by those who believe there is something about our mission, partnership, and leadership that provides life-changing opportunities. We know that we wouldn't be here — and our kids wouldn't enjoy the success that they do — without friends like you.

Thanks for caring about Yale, New Haven, and our kids. You and your classmates are making a tremendous difference. It is a pleasure to know you.