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Class of '64 Support Network activity report

Don Edwards

by Don Edwards '64, coordinator of the Support Network, reporting to the '64 Class Council

January 26, 2016

When we announced the formation of the Class of 1964 Support Network last May, we emphasized the confidentiality of communications between the Network volunteer and individual classmates and said, “Network volunteers will not report to anyone on the identity or content of their contacts with classmates.”

While respecting that commitment, I wanted to be able to report to the Class Council whether, in fact, any classmates have made use of the network.

This month I surveyed the Network volunteers to determine whether they have been contacted in their capacity as a volunteer. I received responses from 28 of the 37 Volunteers. Two reported a total of six contacts; the rest reported none.

Despite the low level of utilization, I think it’s worth maintaining and publicizing this service as part of our Class activity. It requires little effort on my part, and if it benefits even a few classmates, I believe it’s worth doing.

Following the Council meeting, I recommend that we do another blast email to the class to remind them of the availability of this service. I would also suggest putting a link to the Network on our Home Page along with News, Notes, Events, etc.

I regret that I’m not able to attend the Class Council meeting in February, but I look forward to your feedback.

Don Edwards
Coordinator, Class of '64 Support Network