Yale University

Class Notes

April 1999

by Dennis Lynch

Ralph A. Defronzo MD is continuing his very productive research career analyzing the pathogenesis of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. He has received many national and international research awards, including the Lilly Award bestowed upon him by the American Diabetes Association. Additionally, Ralph has edited three major textbooks dealing with diabetes and nephrology and was editor of several medical journals. All of this has been accomplished from his position as chief professor of medicine, diabetes division, at the University of Texas. Just as importantly, Ralph affectionately describes his wife Toni as "my inspiration and closest confidant." Their three daughters, Anne, Cindy, and Torri, are all pursuing productive careers in business consulting, interior design, and hospital sales, respectively.

Another proud papa, William H. Green MD, announces the marriage of his daughter Ilyssa to Michael Frey on October 10, 1998, "at, naturally, the Yale Club of New York City, which did an outstanding job." She and her husband will be living in Boston, where Michael is a principal in the firm of Novera, Inc., a network software company. Ilyssa is seeking a position as a manager of communications after a successful stint in New York at Ovid Technologies.

Jeremy S. Wood forwarded an interview with Michael Price in the Boston Globe, dated January 31, 1999. Michael, as you may recall, recently opened an art gallery after a successful legal career. His MPG Gallery is located at 285 Newbury Street, Boston (phone number 617/437-1596). In the article Michael mentions that "My first month, I sold a series of landscape paintings to Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks Productions." Not a bad start to a new career! However, there does seem to be a discrepancy in the reporting. Michael's age is listed at 40! As Jeremy observes, "A new career makes you feel young." However, as I calculate the numbers, Michael would have graduated from Yale at the tender age of 5! In the movie Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox and a nutty professor travel back to the past in order to change future events. Conversely, perhaps all of us should be joining Michael Price's journey into the future to recapture our youthful enthusiasm for life. Who knows, if we start several new careers we could find ourselves back in our mothers' wombs!

Both Burt Davis and Bob Hetherington are planning to be at our 35th Reunion. Each of you should be there too. Gail Sheehy, author of Passages, will be our keynote speaker on Friday evening, June 4. The events of the weekend are being coordinated by Chris Getman and his committee. We will be sending out an agenda of events very shortly.

Tribute: This month (April 1999), Chris Getman is receiving the Yale Medal, which is given sparingly to Yale graduates who through their service and dedication have contributed significantly to the betterment of our beloved alma mater. I can think of no one who is more deserving of this honor. Our enthusiastic congratulations to Chris!!