Yale University

Class Notes

March/April 2005

by Tony Lavely

At this writing, the tragedy of the tsunami in Southeast Asia is still on our minds. Pat Caviness writes from Hong Kong, "I feel like I have been living in a parallel universe in Koh Samui … I was four feet from the ocean the morning the wave hit Phuket … miraculously, Koh Samui was protected from the surge. I heard many people say that this disaster will somehow pull together diverse elements in Thailand. I want to believe there are lessons mankind can learn from this tragedy."

John Hanold and his wife, Pam, recently traveled to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile as part of the Yale Alumni Chorus. The tour featured outreach events to South American choral groups. Other classmates on the tour were Don Haggerty, Tom Harter, and Mike Finlay.

Bob Hilgendorf and his wife, Ling, were in China in December. They went as representatives from Santa Fe to arrange a Sister City relationship with Zhang Jia Jie. Bob writes, "China is an economic engine beyond belief … though it is happening on the backs of workers making thirty cents an hour." Bob asks that others who have had recent experiences in China share their views on the Web site or in the Class notes.

The Public Information Office of the Supreme Judicial Court in Boston, MA, announced in January that Chuck Mokriski of Newton, MA, was appointed to the Board of Bar Overseers for a four-year term.

Though he was unable to attend our 40th reunion, John Morrison, wrote, "I am honored to have been given an award for my part in organizing the Washington, DC, mini-reunion in 2001, but I am embarrassed that both Jon McBride and Mike Mazer were not given equal billing for helping make it a success."

Fran Oates, wrote, "I thought the 40th reunion was wonderful, and I will attend more in the future."

In September 2004, Gerry Shea wrote a very comprehensive "Memorandum to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States." Gerry writes, "I have not reached any definitive conclusions, though the Memorandum does call for a public inquiry." Jon McBride joins me in urging you to read it (long download) on our Class Web site.

Please continue with your good letters, emails, and calls with news about classmates. In the next issue, I will report on the Class Council meeting, scheduled for January 29th.