Yale University

Class Notes

November/December 2010

by Tony Lavely

At this writing, the Mini-Reunion on the Coast of Maine in October has 32 registrations. We will report news from this gathering in the next issue. Thanks to Ward Wickwire, Mac Deford, and Dennis DeSilvey for organizing this mini-reunion. Rob Waterman, who is a ski instructor at Breckenridge, has offered to help organize a mini-reunion in Vail, Colorado in the winter of 2011 -12. If you're interested in attending, please email me or Rob.

On February 4 - 5, 2011, our Class Council will meet in New Haven for our annual meeting. Classmates are invited for dinner at Mory's on Friday night (our Class Alcove Plaque will be on display), followed by the Men's Hockey game. The meeting on Saturday will be at Kroon Hall which Terry Holcombe reported was awarded LEED Platinum status. Terry and Marya spent five days at the Mann Lake Ranch in Oregon, owned by Hoyt Wilson & Mary.

Last June, Dan Pollack & Nancy hosted Bob Hannah & Susan and Mike Mazer & Hanna in Chicago. Don Crabtree wrote: "I travel, play in USTA Super Senior tournaments, read more, play golf whenever, and just plain enjoy not working." Bill Drennen and Mike Austin exchanged recollections of post-graduation experiences in Panama, South America, and Vietnam (Drennen) and Nairobi (Austin). John Jeavons was interviewed for an article about "Grow Biointensive" and a workshop in Latin America. Frank Franklin emailed Tony Lee: "I am now officially retired and continue as professor emeritus at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health." Rich Niglio (who splits his time between Minnesota and Tahoe) emailed that he will be welcoming a new grandbaby in November. In August, Tony Morris was invited to the US House of Representatives to make a presentation on wildfire research.

Paul Balser took a Yale Travel cruise on Sea Cloud to Lisbon and five seaports in Spain: "Great Yale lecturers!" Dennis Desilvey & Kathy visited England in October. Gus Speth emailed: "I've started my new responsibilities (mainly teaching environmental policy) at Vermont Law School. Peter Bradford and Syd Lea live nearby." Paul Ruden sent a hilarious narrative of catching Albert Pujols' 401st home run in Nationals Park. Fortunately it didn't interfere with his recovery from lumbar fusion. Dave Plimpton has taken up his new occupation as a salt-water fishing guide in Brooklyn's Jamaica Bay. Joe Wishcamper emailed: "I continue to expand my low-income housing business while carving out a month or more for hunting and fishing."

John Evans emailed "We had a successful golf outing last spring and will have a smaller one in October organized by Tony Lee and Bill Galvin. Galvin is quite spry on his new knee and is able to sprint 18 holes complaining about his game the whole way." Roger Thompson and his wife are doing another stint as missionaries for the LDS Church in Mallorca, Spain. Chip Brennen emailed that Loring Knoblauch organized another Chicago-area luncheon in July attended by six classmates. Bob Buchanan and Sharon traveled to Sulawesi, Indonesia on another birding venture. Jay Huffard emailed: "Kirk & I spent last winter in Minturn, Colorado, and skied every day."

Jon McBride emailed: "Greetings from the left bank of Lake Champlain (Essex, NY), where I live during the summer. Run into Gordie Davis and Melissa from time to time." In August, Butch Hetherington attended the Football Association golf outing that honored Carm Cozza on his 80th birthday. Waldo Johnston emailed: "Candy & I spent the summer in Cooperstown, NY, and I taught sailing to boatloads of little kids. I survived a boating accident and urge all classmates to attach their ‘kill switches' to a body part."

Joel Schiavone, '58, asked any members of the underground society, Desmos, to email him.

After eight months without the report of a classmate death, I regret to inform you that I received notices of three deaths for this issue. Bob Sexton and John Armor died in August, and Peter Gubser died in September. It was only weeks before his death that we posted Peter Gubser's new book, Saladin: Empire and Holy War, in the Publications section of our class Website. There has been an outpouring of remembrances for these classmates. Obituaries are posted on the In Memoriam section of our class Website.