Yale University

In Memoriam

Miguel Angel Garcia

Miguel Garcia
1964 graduation

March 10, 1942 - December 9, 1994

Miguel, from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, attended Lawrenceville before Yale. He returned to Mayaguez afterward, but lost contact with the University.  His father, who survived him until 1998, was a lifelong statehood supporter for the Commonwealth.  Known as "El Pitirre" for his debating skills, he owned the El Imparcial newspaper, and was a founder of the Western Bank in Mayaguez.

Gustavo Salas wrote in the Lawrenceville 50th Book:  Miguel continued studies in Puerto Rico, becoming a psychiatrist. Knowing his very mature and loving personality I am sure that he was outstanding in his field. He raised a beautiful family (I am not sure if three sons) with his wife Mari, his Yale girlfriend. My friendship with Miguel started in ninth grade at Lawrenceville. I remember that he induced me to join the swimming team. He ended up as an excellent backstroker with a nearly perfect style.

Three years after graduating we lost contact until 1993, when we had a wonderful encounter in Puerto Rico in a Latin American Master Swimming Championship in which both of us participated. More than a year later I found out indirectly that he had passed away.

Miguel was survived by his wife, Mari Rechani Garcia.

Linda Hlavacek Silver, widow of a Lawrenceville teacher, recalls:  What a thrill to watch Miguel swim! He would streak through the water, and everyone in the School and House cheered him on to many victories with great pride. He was quiet but had a wide, friendly smile for all who knew him.  And he certainly helped raise the House average.  For one who was challenged by the English language, he was a strong student and looking forward to attending "Jail" (much to everyone’s delight, the way he always pronounced "Yale.")