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Peter Jon Wallace

Peter Jon Wallace
1964 Class Book

Peter Jon Wallace was a son of Mike Wallace, the famed newscaster best known as the principal host of CBS's 60 Minutes. Peter Jon Wallace died on August 31, 1962, in Greece. His death was either at Corinth or on Santorini, depending on which of two conflicting versions you credit.

A Yale Daily News article on Sep. 19, 1962, states:

"Peter J. Wallace, 1964, was killed in a fall this August while hiking in the mountains near Corinth, Greece. Wallace was a member of the editorial board of the Yale Daily News, and had worked for CBS news. His last published work was an article on William P. Bundy. In addition to his activities in the field of journalism, he played tennis for Jonathan Edwards College. He graduated from Millbrook and was the son of television personality Mike Wallace of New York."

Mike Wallace's biography contains the following excerpt:

"It was the death of another son, Peter, 19, in a 1962 hiking accident in Greece, that prompted Wallace to turn from entertainment ― throughout the '50s he hosted game shows and interview shows ― to news. 'I felt I owed it to Peter,' Wallace says, noting that Peter had expressed an interest in journalism, which Wallace told him was a noble profession."