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My Spiritual Journey

Sandy McKleroy

August 28, 2013

Category: Philosophy and Religion > Belief Systems

Spirit is breath! Right now. Good start. Essential. Concentrate on breathing and, voila, consciousness that stays sustainable through practice. Feels good, too, peaceful, calm, loving, and accepting. In that pleasant state, envision others swept by similar agreeableness. Gist of it, we are love, and connected! Later, as energy discharges, be aware of anger, upset. Breathe again. Recharge. Consult a non-physical guide, natural, religious, or otherwise. Ask for the best for yourself and for others. Unpleasant moments pass. It all does.

My journey is now once again premised that we have come from intelligent nothingness (spirit) and that consciousness is not a byproduct of physical, chemical processes. In youth, I had drifted with that traditional flow, until John Smith's "Philosophy of Religion" course exposed me to the doubters, particularly Freud and Nietzsche. For roughly three years, I was soundly atheist. Then, in February of 1967, came an epiphany, catalyzed by a reverent, carefully prepared, interior cannabis adventure. Seemingly, I died, surrendered to it, and experienced being ethereally transported over the Golden Gate Bridge with a tremendous new joy in the goodness of creation and the bright benevolence of God!  

Ever afterwards, I have been on this trail of awakening, stumbling sometimes, quickened by teaching, yoga (Walt Baptiste), holistic health study, meditation, readings (particularly Glenda Greene's Love without End, an amazing story of Jesus), workshops (Landmark Education), New Living Expos, and Michael Tom's New Dimensions Radio, which I had followed since the beginning in 1972.  

I took a detour in this trail for a time in the '90s when I participated in "Men's Work" (Sterling Institute of Relationships). Temporarily, I rejected the New Age as promoting weakness and femininity. We pursued community service projects and "games" with the men. Somehow, thereafter, in late 90's, I eased back into mystical, mysterious matters, including UFO's (many conferences), Sasquatch, and Conspiracies. 

It was in 2006 when I discovered the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.  This is a way of spiritual healing with practitioners in all the world's faiths.  Bruno Groening (1906-1959) to me is like an avatar, a natural saint , akin to a younger brother of Jesus, whose mission, during his lifetime and ongoingly, was and is to return mankind to God's path, the Good.  This is a path of heart and loving service to one another.  He was and is able to catalyze thousands of medically documented healings, first after the War, in Germany, with Biblical scenes of forsaken wheelchairs, crutches, deaf and blind healings, many considered medically impossible.  This is a planetary organization of some 70,000.  At present, this path is very satisfying and protecting, and as a Berkeley/Oakland Community Leader, still Christian, I enjoy the loving sense of feeling family all around the world.